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Winter actually breaks the ankles.


We often have the misconception that in winter our feet or ankles get cracked. In fact, it can happen at any time of the year.

Let's not know some of the causes of ankle fractures.

(A) Ankles can also be cracked due to road dust.

(B) When the body is deficient in calcium, zinc and iron, the legs get cracked.

(C) Bathing in hot water, uncleanliness and wearing dirty shoes.

(D) Diabetic patients have cracked feet due to lack of moisture in their feet.

(E) Leg cracking is also due to genetics. Maybe if there is a problem of cracking of the feet of mother, father, uncle, uncle, it will go away in stages.

Now let's know some resistance.

(A) Stay clean at all times.

(B) Mix one mug of mild lukewarm water with one cup of honey and massage the mixture on the feet. After twenty minutes, rub the hard skin with a foot-rubbing stone to clean it. Foot rubs are available in the market nowadays.

(C) Olive oil, sesame oil, coconut oil, mustard oil and almond oil are a good solution for cracking feet. Apply any oil at night and go to bed. Hope you get good results.

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