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What if he misses you?


We want to keep someone with us, we want to spend time with him, we want to give him our full love, we want to give up a lot for him, but the man in front of us doesn't think the way we want him to. We want him to SMS us before, call us, if there is real love. Let us know if his life is important to us. But no, many times something happens, it is only from our side. We don't see that care on the part of the people in front, as it should be. And now the question is what can we do so that the man in front thinks of us, and misses us exactly the way we want him to. Simply put, what do we do, so that he will think about us all the time. And if you have such a question in your mind, then read today's articles to Aries and try to understand every word very well, because who knows which one word of the post can change your life. So let's get started ----

First of all, stop shouting at him too much. I don't mean to shout here, you never call him. I want to stop texting him to reduce your calls and SMS, what will happen if you think there is a clock on any wall of your house, and you see the time there every day, but as long as the clock is on the wall, you will focus more on the clock No. But if the wall clock is lifted, you will feel some emptiness there, and your mind and eyes will go to the wall again and again. In the same way your partner and his life will miss you. When you stop making extra calls and SMS. We think that if we talk too much, the person in front of us will remember us, but it takes a lot to remember to remember one thing. But you are not giving him a chance to remember. You don't give him time to think about you. If you have too much in front of someone's eyes, they will ignore you. So if you also want the person in front to miss you, then reduce the SMS to a little call.

Then you have to learn to talk about your past and present yourself. Never say everything at once. Sometimes relationships get boring because they have nothing more to say. They have told each other everything, and now who says you say, and you say, and that's it begins. And to be honest, people are not so confused even if they have an exam, as much as you have to think about what to say after hearing it. So take care that you say in your words, you say, this time should not come too much. And what you need to do for this is that whenever you are talking about your past, tell him something after saying something, I will tell you the rest later and stop talking by showing some excuse. Will miss a lot.

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