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Tunnel technology is becoming very popular in vegetable production in Bangladesh.


The name of the food that is on the Bengali food list three times is rice. If the food we eat every day is not digested properly, then it is of no use to the body. There is no pair of vegetables to make the food you eat suitable for digestion. But vegetables not only help digest food. It also provides many essential nutrients for our body. Different types of vitamins and minerals are among them. A healthy and strong person needs to consume 220 grams of vegetables per day but at present the people of the country are consuming only 50 grams of vegetables per capita per day. As such, people are eating only a quarter of their daily demand. Agriculture and nutritionists say there is no substitute for eating vegetables to ensure adequate intake of various minerals and vitamins. In the world of food, different types of vegetables are the only food in the body which has no negative effect except positive. Therefore, it is necessary to change the diet and give priority to the variety of leaves and fruits and vegetables in the food list. Our soil is very suitable for the production of various types of vegetables. The list of vegetables that can be grown in winter and summer is also quite large. But due to various reasons, the amount of our cultivable land is decreasing day by day. The land allotted for the cultivation of vegetables is one chill in the back of the kitchen or barn. But if you keep in mind the nutritional needs, you have to think about vegetable cultivation. Therefore, to be honest, intensive cultivation of vegetables throughout the year is the only way to meet the nutritional needs by using less land. Most of the vegetables are produced in our country during Rabi season i.e. from October to March. Due to unfavorable weather in Kharif season i.e. April to September, vegetable cultivation is very low. As a result, the price of vegetables in the market is skyrocketing at this time. Especially from May to July due to heavy rains and drought, the market price is high due to low production of vegetables.

Due to the high supply of vegetables in the market during the season, the farmers do not get a fair price. So if vegetables can be produced and marketed in advance before the start of the season, then the price is more than double. The technique used to grow vegetables all year round or to produce early winter vegetables is called 'tunnel technology'. Simply put, vegetable cultivation with a canopy like a boat.

There is no pairing of this technique to cultivate vegetables in another season other than the actual season. However, it is difficult to cultivate winter vegetables in summer with this technique. This is because the kind of temperature required for winter vegetable cultivation is quite expensive to produce in an artificial environment. However, it is very easy to cultivate summer vegetables in winter by creating an artificial environment through this technique. This is because the use of plastic canopies can easily increase the temperature by storing solar energy in winter, which is enough for growing summer vegetables in winter.

Vegetables that can be easily cultivated using tunnel technology or canopy method are: Cucumbers, Tomatoes, Spinach, Cabbage, Cauliflower, Beans etc. With this technique a farmer can cultivate vegetables in advance and sell them at a higher price than the actual season. In this method, the farmer brothers in many parts of our country have been cultivating vegetables which is much less than what is needed.

The type and size of the tunnel can be of two types. Low tunnels and high tunnels. Low tunnels are temporary and cost less to build such tunnels. But such tunnels are not suitable in areas where the wind is blowing very hard. However, in our country, mainly in the areas where vegetables are grown, such air does not flow very much. Bamboo and polythene are used to make such tunnels. Through such tunnels, vegetables can be produced about a month earlier than the actual season.
A high tunnel is a permanent tunnel. The cost of building such tunnels is high. Steel frame and bamboo are used as materials. Such tunnels can be made in any area. Tunnel vegetable cultivation can be done before and after planting seeds or seedlings.

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