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The new year is only yours


How much did you promise in 2020 that I would do it? But have you really done anything? And if you haven't done anything, listen carefully to what I'm saying now. Tanahle has to make the same promise again this year which you have been doing for several years. Remember not to love your bed so much that your dreams will remain dreams. That year will not come in your life if you can tell that it was your year. And if you want your previous unemployed life, go to sleep, it's yours all year round. But if you insist on doing something, just give yourself a year. And if you're not proud of the life you've lost in this one year, then I'm wrong.

But before the new year comes, the anger and stubbornness subsides. There are some people who hold on to their stubbornness for maybe two or four weeks. But even after that, those who survive do things in life that those who just sleep can't even imagine. Because you don't know you can kiki in a year. A year of hard work can take you to the place you consider an idol today. One year of hard work can change not only yours but your family's life. A year of hard work can answer their humiliation. One year of hard work can make your family smile.

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