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The fruit of the palm tree is very nutritious


Rhythm Breath is now selling very well in the market. In a few days it will be time to taste the pakatal. There is a connection between the Bengali pulse and the food that comes with water in the tongue. So I will taste the rhythm; And I will take the initiative to propagate from its seeds. Those who are always vocal against adulteration, they also know that the palm crop is the most adulteration free. There is still no use of pesticides, formalin or ripeners. So you can definitely eat this fruit. Because in terms of nutrition, palm is a very high quality fruit. For every 100 grams of palm juice, palm patali, palm breath and nutritious table-1 note.
However, the nutritional value of palm juice and molasses varies depending on the variety of palm, age of the plant, care of the plant, etc. Description of the nutritional value of palm juice and palm molasses
Many have acknowledged that palm juice is a good source of vitamin B complex and contains significant amounts of ascorbic acid. Each 100 liters of juice usually contains 7-8 kg of sugar or 8 kg of molasses. The juice is extracted twice a day. The quality and quantity of morning juice is better than in the afternoon. On the other hand, a study in Cambodia found that the amount of sucrose in the juice of January was 8-94%, but in the juice of April it decreased to 51-61% (. Gram, niacin 0.3 mg and vitamin C 5 mg. It is found that the juice of the pakatal contains sufficient amount of vitamins and minerals, while the palm molasses is also quite nutritious.
According to nutritionists, 18% of the calories in food should come from sweet foods i.e. sugar or molasses. According to the recommendations of the World Food Program, a healthy person needs to consume at least 13 kg of sugar or 18 kg of molasses per capita per year. As such, the country needs about 16 lakh tons of sugar. But at present the annual production of sugar and molasses from sugarcane in Bangladesh is about one lakh and 5 lakh tonnes respectively. In other words, the shortage of sugar and molasses in the country should be met through palm and date juice as an alternative. Because palm molasses contains about 6.8 percent sugar.
Moreover, the aroma, sweetness and taste of palm molasses add different proportions to the food. Therefore, like any other fruit, the use of palm can undoubtedly be a great source of our nutrition. And there are many other uses of the palm tree, especially as per the instructions of the Hon'ble Prime Minister, its popularity as a lightning protection tree is much higher now. That is why let's accelerate the social movement of planting palm trees.

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