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Take care of yourself first.


No one comes into our lives for no reason on this road of our lives, everyone has a story in their lives, which is connected to each other somewhere. Some people come very close, some people go very far, but some small moments are created with them, which add to the different stories. And I gave more time to those stories that never wanted to give me time. And I've lost a lot of relationships that I couldn't afford to have. Most of the time we give more importance to the one we need, a lot of times it seems to be right, but the person in front starts to get annoyed, because he is giving the same time that you are giving him, maybe he is giving it to someone else. She gets tired, because she doesn’t want your time she wants someone else’s time.

Don't give so much importance to someone that he forgets how much you value him. And don't make anyone your habit in this WhatsApp and social media world, because it becomes very difficult to change the habit. Give someone just as much importance as he gives you. Stay with someone as long as he wants to be with you. In today's world, people talk only for the sake of self-interest, without self-interest we do not give ourselves time. So if someone leaves you on this road of life, let someone go, if someone wants to go, let him go. You don't have to stop anyone who wants to stay, and you can't stop anyone who wants to go. Just play the game of time and learn to play it properly, in the end you have to be with yourself so spend more time with yourself.


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