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Sustaining a relationship is like a challenge.


We make our own way of suffering. We call on someone, we hope on him. And if that hope is not fulfilled, we will suffer a lot. We ignore ourselves and the relationship will be much better if the brother gives himself up completely. But you have to understand that a relationship doesn't work because of someone's sacrifice. The two have to certify something. And it is not uncommon for you to have to sacrifice everything. Who knows, maybe you don't need it.

And even if you are stuck in a relationship where you have no idea whether to keep the relationship or not. Today I will give some suggestions in this regard.

First of all, if he doesn't reply online, then he is online, you have massaged him, you are giving him your precious time to talk to him. But he is not even looking at your message. You need to spawn yourself at such a moment. Who can be really busy and it may be 1 to 2 days. But if someone is ignoring you every day, you tell them if you care. Talk to her directly at a moment like this if Seki really wants to be with you.

Then if someone answers your message but does not ask you any questions. There are many people who only reply to our messages but do not ask any messages or questions on their own. At such times, stop yourself for a while and notice the behavior of the person in front of you whether he really wants to talk to you.

 So if someone loves you, I will not just reply to you because they will want to talk to you. In this way the relationship can be gradually enhanced.

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