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Preserving and processing family food in our daily lives


Made in unhealthy conditions; The actual quality has been lost due to packaging, storage; Has become toxic; Rotten, sore, diseased, insect-infested, animal-infested vegetable parts are unfit to eat; Contains toxic or harmful substances to health; Colors used which are not allowed; There are preservatives that are not allowed or are approved but in excess we always eat such food but due to the diversity of the climate of our country, a variety of seasonal vegetables are produced. The prices of many food items are very low during the season. Then all these nutritious foods become neglected. However, if these foods can be stored properly, the nutritional needs of the family can be met throughout the year, as well as money will be saved.

From time immemorial, the girls of rural Bengal used to store food. This tradition is being lost day by day due to the increasing availability of processed food and the touch of modernity. In remote areas where processed food is not available, only a few people retain this tradition.

Even the children of Ganj in our village are not familiar with Chira, Mudi, Khoi, Moya, Hand Semai, various Saaj Pitha, Pata Pitha, Chatu, Laddu, Achar, Rice Jhuri, Coconut Nad, Chatur Nad, Chalkumara Marmalade etc. Nowadays mothers don't even want to make these troubles. There are also some problems with the availability of materials. With ten rupees you can easily get chips, juice, ice cream, biscuits, pickles, candy, shamucha, singara, then who can do all this trouble? However, these low quality foods do not contain any nutrients - rather they contain a variety of chemicals that act as a helper for various diseases instead of nourishing the body.

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