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May the beginning of every day of life be good.


Never get frustrated in life, you still have a long way to go. You have to show those who said it is not possible by you now. If you make your way today, tomorrow you will get to your destination. If you believe in yourself, one day your life will definitely change, everyone wants something that is easily available, get it with fun, which is not in your destiny. The fun of winning is only available when everyone in the world is waiting for you to lose. It's not a big deal to smell your clothes with perfume, the fun will come when the smell of your work spreads all around.

If you continue to walk slowly towards your goal, then success will come to your feet today or tomorrow. Every dream you hold in your breath, every task you hold in your hand, every destination you will one day achieve and you keep your goal in your head. Don't be intoxicated, be intoxicated so that those who use you are destroyed. If you are ever criticized for being behind you, don't be afraid, because people talk about things that have something to say. Try to get the best from the best. When you find a river, try to find the sea, the glass breaks when hit by a rock, so find a glass that will break the rock. Work in such a way that it becomes a name or make a name that becomes a work after hearing it. Sometimes in life he will not get what you want. Because you deserve something better than that.

Your purpose today will be to make yourself the best of tomorrow. It's different if you're not lucky, but if you don't try, it will be much worse. Don't worry if some people think you are small, because they will understand you as much as they can. If you do something in life and think about what people will say, then think about what people will say if you can't do anything in life. Now maybe people will say for a while but if you can't do anything in life then people will say for life.

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