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Mango will be a bumper crop in Bangladesh this time.


For the convenience of everyone, a brief idea was given about the very dense method of setting up a mango orchard. The mango orchards that were seen before the independence of this country were planted at a distance of at least 30 to 30 feet, that is, 100 cuttings per hectare, but in some cases 40 to 40 feet of orchards were also found. One or two mango trees can be seen in one bigha of land in many large mango orchards. After the establishment of Mango Research Center in 1985, it was recommended to plant at a distance of 30x30 feet (100 trees per hectare) for large varieties and 12 to 18 feet (625 to 555 trees per hectare) for small varieties. As a result, it was not difficult to cultivate other crops and get mango yield in the mango orchard effortlessly for 10-12 years. Then it was suggested to plant a small tree between the two big trees and after 10-12 years when the competition with the big trees started, it was suggested to cut down the middle tree. However, many did not want to cut the small tree in the middle. As a result, the yield of both the trees would be hindered and it would not be possible to produce good mangoes due to disease and insect attack. And in the very dense method, the line is given 3 meters from the line and 2 meters from the tree. As a result, 18 trees are planted in one hectare of land. To meet this huge demand, hundreds of nurseries have sprung up in the area where it is not possible to produce quality pens. However, some 3 m. 3 m. Or 4 m. 3 m. Doing mango orchards in the distance. In almost all cases, nursery owners have been able to convince landowners that the more trees, the more mangoes. On the other hand, mango researchers and mango related individuals do not recommend mango orchards in a very dense manner now because everyone in our country knows that once planted, mango can be produced and sold easily for 30-40 years.

There are also many farmers who go to the orchard only during the mango season and do not feel the need to visit the orchard at other times of the year. However, most of the farmers use only fertilizers and pesticides in mango orchards. But in very dense method mango orchards require 12 months of garden maintenance. Such as timely application of fertilizers, irrigation, pruning, training, removal of dead stalks etc. If a farmer has not pruned for three years after planting, the mango yield is likely to decrease next year instead of increasing. However, there is a possibility of benefiting by selecting the right variety and establishing mango orchards in a very dense and dense manner.

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