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Let's stand by everyone.


Remains lying in the dustbin on the sidewalk
When I see them eating with dogs, I say they are inferior.
They are poor friends of my poor country
These friends have survived in the crowd of the rich.

These friends do not have a house or car on the seventh floor
Rich friends go with food in their mouths.
We can be a little aware
Happiness boat to make with a smile on their face.

I'm not saying destroy everything
If necessary, why not give them the rest.
The old woman is trembling in the cold winter
If you give her a winter coat, the old woman will live in it.

If I come forward today, not tomorrow
Next you all forget the noise.
We youth society can be their friend
I will remove all the darkness, this is the work of fashion.

Uncle Ali has made the boy human at great cost
Uncle Ali's house in the old age home is a big cage.
Friends can be them with a little time
Like Uncle Ali, everyone will have peace in their heart.

I call my wife Chandramukhi, I call my mother Poramukhi
How happy you will be in the next life.
I can put my hand on my mother's head as a friend
He will be happy in prayer and will eat milk and rice.
Whom I always call in danger
He is the great friend called Allah.
At the end of life, one word is authentic
Soil will be the real friend if it dies.

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