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Is there any weird information about girls that I don't know?


You know, girls always prefer to hold hands with boyfriends. His mind is always full of love. They prefer to walk hand in hand, especially when sitting somewhere, or walking together.
Girls prefer to hear their own praises. Even if you tell an encouraging lie about him, he is so engrossed in praise that he does not understand that you are lying to him.
Like boys, girls do not express their love directly to anyone. She wants to tell the boy through some gestures or take another path.
There is no talk in the stomach of girls. But did you know that a study has shown that a woman can keep a word secret for an average of about 48 hours and 15 minutes.
Girls generally prefer to be friends with boys who have a much higher level of confidence.
Girls have more heartbeats than boys.
The tallest woman ever to be a mother was recorded at 2 feet 4 inches.
Did you know that around 1800 women die in childbirth every day all over the world. And this happens most often in developing countries.
On an average, about 26% of women in the world die of heart attack. On average, about 12% of women die of cancer.
British women have an average of about 19 pairs of shoes. And only 6 pairs of them work for them. And they buy an average of about 111 handbags in their lifetime.

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