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If you understand today's writings, life will change a lot.


You can buy all the happiness in the world then tell me the price of peace. Because with money you can only get happiness not peace.No one is weak, all the time game and money is available more than begging but respect has to be earned. We lost our childhood in the intoxication of youth and today we are losing our youth in the intoxication of money.

Man forgets everything but he can never forget that he hurt her. And you give up everything in life but don't leave your parents in the trap of someone's words. Then you have to cry for the rest of your life. What else can I blame other people, it is their own people who give more trouble. Even though I am happy now, I am afraid that I do not know what to pay for this happiness. Learn to forgive because that is what we expect from others and from God. It is a difficult fact nowadays that when a person's interests are exhausted, the way he speaks also changes. Birds get caught in the net because of his feet and people because of his words. Take note of his words.

He who wants to move forward never hinders anyone else. And whoever obstructs someone else will never be able to move forward. People want to do two things but can't sell sorrow and can't buy happiness. If you see someone suffering, you will understand that you are one of the best people in the world.

Love alone is not enough. You have to do something to get love. When I pay off my debt, I realize that there are only parents who have never calculated. When you can't make him happy with a man, move away from him. Maybe he'll be happy because you moved away. The most valuable thing in the world is hard work and the best companion is our self-confidence. Lastly, I would like to say that the problems in your life should not always be blamed on others because it will weaken you from within. And if you think of each problem as your own, it will make you stronger.

Friends, if you like my writing, thank you very much.

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