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If you understand this, your life will change.


People can forget everything, except that time. When he needed someone very much but he did not cheat with him. If your eyes are beautiful then you will find the world beautiful. But if your words are beautiful, you will look beautiful to the world. The candle does not speak, the light identifies it. In the same way you don't say anything about yourself. Your good work will introduce you to your use. God says you do what you want, but it will be what I want. So you do what I want, then it will be what you want.


Wet clouds in the rain and fruit trees always lean downwards. In the same way, great people are polite even after gaining wealth and knowledge. It is never right to ask someone about your condition, only peace of mind comes when there is someone who cares about us. Only the two of you know everything about how right and how wrong you are, the first is God and the second is your soul. But the surprise is that we never see these two. Never abuse people in life who have no one but God to complain to. Life is so beautiful love it, wait for a new morning every night, the time will come that you are waiting for. Just believe in your God and wait for the right time. If you come to me and say bad things about someone else, there is no doubt that you will go to someone else and say bad things about me. If someone behind you ever talks about you, don't be afraid, because talk is about someone who really has something to talk about. The price is not thirst for water, the price is not death, it is life. Many people in the world love, the value is not of love, but of faith.


I hate everyone because I tell the truth. I can be sweet if you want, but then don't say it's a lot of lies. Get up every morning and pray that, Lord, I have spent the night happily. In my words on this new day. In my eyes. In my hand As if no one is harmed.

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