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If you try, you will be able to change your life on your own.


If you are depressed in life and your mind is very bad, then don't worry, just listen to these words every night, your life will change, and your mind will calm down. So read the text carefully and try to seal every word.

The secret of a happy life is to be happy with what you have, not to run after what you don't have. For example, if you have 90 rupees, don't regret the fact that 10 rupees is less than 100 rupees, and don't chase after 90 to 100 rupees, because 100 will never be, but it may be that you have 90 rupees, You will lose that too.

There are three things in the world that will not leave you after death, the first is to take people to paradise after full death, the second is to open sin so that people will go to hell after death, and the third is to open guru mantra, to follow the mantra received by guru with respect. Will take you to God. The work that gives you peace of mind is full, the work that gives you long regrets is sin, and the word that will change your life because of a great man is the guru mantra.

The big man is not the one who has a house-car servant, but the big man is not indebted to anyone, and he is satisfied with what he earns. A big man is one whose body is healthy and who does his own work. He is a big man, he is always with anyone in need, he is a big man who keeps a smile on his face even in difficult times, he is a big man, he falls asleep as soon as he goes to bed, and he does not need any help to get up in the morning.

Giving is like lending, so learn to lend, because he who gives is a god, and he who keeps to himself is a demon. And the wise are ready to give by gesture, and some people have to be persuaded a thousand times. So give something in life, because what you give will go with you, and what you send will one day become dust.
When we are happy, we want to go to Him, whom we love very much, but when we are sad, we want to go to Him who loves us very much.

Don't ask a fakir or an astrologer how you are, just close your eyes for a while and ask your heart.

There is a similarity between love and death, neither in age, nor in time, nor in place.
Some people are so hungry that they eat the happiness of others.
You alone are responsible for everything in your life. The sooner you accept this, the sooner life will change.

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