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I still remember the words of the last day with you


Today's article is not a motivational article. In today's article I want to tell you some lines. Which I wrote down several years ago. I have been thinking for a long time to share it with you. If you have ever been broken for any reason, if you have suffered because of a person, if you have missed a person, then I say that every word in this post will touch your mind. So before you start writing a short request, read the articles very carefully and just close your eyes and read for a couple of minutes, hopefully it will touch your mind. Let's get started----

 The story that had become my habit, the story that I had thought of in my life, that day I realized that even if you hug me today and see me cry, you will leave. Just as if you had already left. What a surprise, the sky seemed to be crying that day. Maybe that day my pen wrote the most. I was writing even after knowing that the story was over, the story that had become my habit, the story that I had started to remember as my life, all the truth was in front of me that day. But even then all my attention was on your lies, because I believed in it. And we believe in the one we love. I learned a lot that day.

 I have seen many colors of life, I have seen a look of you, I have also seen a look of me. It doesn't matter if the story is close to your heart or not, it will be fulfilled. It doesn't matter if the person is with you today or tomorrow. Everything changes over time. I have seen his excuses change, then his promises change. I did not notice my own time and body. But I have seen him change all the time. I like the raindrops a lot today. There were tears in my eyes that day as if he wanted to say something to me. And I sat quietly, screaming in my mind. There was so much to say to you, but would I tell anyone? Who would I listen to? The silence of those words is much more. Those who were screaming inside me. Do you remember the cry that was silent inside me, which is still silent today. I remember that last day, I still remember it today.

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