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Green technology biodigester of Australian technology in Bangladesh


Australian social enterprise ATEC (Appropriate Technology) started its journey in Bangladesh in 2020 with the launch of biodigestor brand 'Sabujshakti'. A: Since 2015, it has been preparing biodigesters for rural farming families which provide free biogas and biofertilizers. It is an unimaginable invention of the world manufactured by Australian standards that has already been a huge success in Cambodia. More than 1,500 systems have been installed in Cambodia in the last five years, each of which is equally efficient. ATEC aims to expand its operations to 5 countries in Southeast Asia by 2030 and set up 1 million biogas plants.

Green energy biodigesters are more effective than biogas plants manufactured by conventional brick-cement and are not damaged by rain or flood water. It can be deployed anywhere in just 2-3 hours, even in monsoon season and flood prone areas.

The sustainable design of the Green Energy Biodigester ensures durability for more than 25 years, resulting in more than 25 years of security with a single investment. It contains UV resistant LLDPE (Linear Low Density Poly Ethylene) material which is much more advanced than conventional plastic material. Comes with 3 year replacement warranty.

Achieving customer satisfaction by ensuring maximum after sales service, not just lifestyle changes, is one of the goals of Green Power. Following this, Sabujshakti came up with a free hotline service through which a customer can avail the service free of cost. In addition, there is the assurance of providing the best after-sales service by skilled and experienced technicians.

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