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Let's smile once more today, let's burn others without any fire. Those who say we should not look back are wrong. Need to see again and again, to remember my own power, where I started from, where I am today. Do it late but do something in life, because over time people will ask about your financial situation, not your condition.
Have you ever seen someone inflate a balloon in the face? If you let that balloon go beyond its capacity, it will burst in your face, just as when you give other people more respect than their capacity, which they did not deserve, it will one day burst on your face. This strange world is foolish when it is silently tolerated, and evil when it is protested. If you don't make a mistake, how do you know who was waiting for us to lose? Just as time cannot be changed by turning the clock back and forth, so man cannot change his power by raising or lowering his head.
Always look in front of your own mirror without seeing the bad qualities of others. I had a great desire to keep everyone happy, but the mistake was broken when I saw myself alone in times of need. Once you fall down, no one will come to pick you up, and you look up a little, everyone will come down to get you down. The leaf that fell from the tree told me, if you understand, one day your relatives will throw you down.
Always beware of those people who show something and say something, say something, and do something else. When you insult a weak person, you are not reminding him of his power, but you are showing your power. People move away from the mud so that the clothes do not get damaged due to the mud. And Matirkadar becomes so arrogant that people are afraid to see him. There are some people around us who are just as arrogant. I don't know much about life, but I do know that small people come in handy at the big time, and big people show their abilities in small things.

Time is not seen, but time shows a lot. Whether the clothes are expensive or cheap, it can be your body, not your character. I have made many mistakes in my life, but I have been punished the most for the mistake I made in recognizing my loved ones. One thing to always remember is that the finger makes the one who does not have the ability to keep an eye on the eye. The power of man is so great that he thinks of his God-given freedom as his own cunning, but the day he pulls the rope, he will fall face down. He knows why lies are sold more, because not everyone has the power to buy truth. Now I want to meet myself, very bad I have heard from people, I have not changed, I have only known the world, time will actually answer everyone, I remember everyone's behavior.

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