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Every year floods in Bangladesh cause severe damage to crops.


Agriculture is the pioneer of all culture and women is the pioneer of agriculture. Our national poet Kazi Nazrul Islam wrote in his poem - "Sing the song of equality - there is no difference between men and women in my eyes", "Whatever great creation in the world is ever beneficial, half of it is done by women, half by men". The current proportion of the population in the country is male: female is 108: 100. Only 15% of women have the freedom to earn what they want. Only 19% of women own land. About 8% of the female labor force is engaged in agriculture, forestry and fisheries. Among the working women, most women are engaged in agriculture. In the light of the Constitution of Bangladesh, there is talk of establishing equal rights for men and women in all spheres of state and public life, eliminating the existing inequality between men and women, and equal pay for male and female workers. According to the Bangladesh Bureau of Statistics (BBS), an average of 200,000 women are involved in agriculture, industry and services every year. In fact, the women of this country are coping with any natural calamity, including drought and floods, shoulder to shoulder with men.

Due to the geographical location, more or less floods occur somewhere in the country every year. Occasional floods cause damage to other crops including field boro, aus, jute, transplanted aman seedbed, sown aman and vegetables. Sometimes there is a slope flood and sometimes there is a nabi flood. In addition to field crops, houses, livestock, poultry and fish are damaged when flash floods become severe. Although it is not possible to prevent it, the flood damage can be compensated by following some special technological methods. The Ministry of Agriculture has taken various measures to compensate for the flood damage.

Nowadays, doctors are also advising patients to eat more vegetables as a diet instead of medicine, such as heart disease, skin disease and diabetes. Vegetables are one of the most important foods in our daily diet, whether they are expensive or cheap. Every day we eat different types of vegetables in one way or another. Because vegetables have all kinds of food ingredients. Among them are vitamins and minerals which are very important for our body. Almost all of our body's need for vitamins and minerals is met by vegetables. Again green or colored vegetables are extremely beneficial for eye problems. So not only as food, but also for medicine, diet, nutrition and balanced diet, we need to produce some kind of vegetables to eat a variety of vegetables every day. It will be able to meet our family needs as well as earn some money.

The vegetables that need to be prepared for Rabi or winter are usually cauliflower, cabbage, turnip, tomato, eggplant and gourd. Many people cannot cultivate vegetables due to lack of improved varieties of vegetable seedlings but with a little effort they can make their own seedlings. Vegetables are a crop of very shy nature. That is why it has to be cultivated with a little effort. The vegetable land should be prepared very finely and crumbly. The land should be leveled with adequate amount of organic or waste decomposing fertilizer. If there is a shortage of sap in the land, if ‘Joe’ comes with irrigation, then the land should be prepared with a cultivation ladder and seeds should be sown. Again, many kinds of vegetables have to be planted in the female. In these packets, seedlings are made and females are planted at certain distances. If the trees continue to grow after planting the seedlings, a bauni or macha has to be made. However, before planting the seedlings in the female, other chemical fertilizers should be given at a balanced rate.

For cauliflower, cabbage, radish, 1 ton of dung per bigha, urea 50 kg, TSP 35 kg, MOP 40 kg. In this case, good yields can be obtained by applying all types of fertilizers and urea and MOP in half the time of land preparation and the rest in 3 installments.

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