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Eat molasses, stay healthy, grow


Develop together with everyone, take care of the body, stay healthy. Our actions are our future. The theme of this year's World Food Day has been arranged with all such beautiful words. The body does not stay healthy without taking care of the body. And if the body is not healthy, it cannot develop. Therefore, these words are inextricably linked with each other. And last but not least, our future is determined by our actions. We know the old words written by the poet Krishna Chandra Majumdar in 181-
‘I see in this charachar, whoever works less, he gets the same result. Where is the farmer who is lazy, does not sow seeds, will get ripe grain? '
(As is the result of such deeds / Sadbhav Shatak / Poet Krishnachandra Majumdar / Page 154 / Published: Dhaka 161)
So our work reveals our own identity. But you need a healthy body to work. Because health is the key to all driving force. Again, to stay healthy, the body needs to take as much as possible. To take care of the body, you first need a balanced diet. Because from this all the energy of the body is formed. And this is how body-mind and thinking develop. Developed and thoughtful people are the blessings of the society. They can lead the society in the right direction. This is how human civilization has advanced. Today, in this age of extreme development of science, the importance of staying healthy with body care has become the most important. So the issue of balanced diet is now a priority.
As soon as the issue of balanced diet comes to the fore, the issue of nutrition comes first. When it comes to nutrition, we have to talk about different types of food. Especially fruits, vegetables, pulses, oil, spices and sweet foods. Although all other foods are mentioned in various ways, sweet foods are often left unsaid. And this is where the disaster happens. This is because every sweet food or crop has advanced nutrients that drive and control us. To put it more clearly, the brain guides and controls us. And sweet foods that nourish the brain.
Molasses or sugar is an essential food ingredient for proper development and full functioning of the brain. According to nutritionists, 11 percent of the calories in food should come from sugar or molasses. For every 100 grams of brain, 5.5 milligrams of glucose (simple ingredient of molasses / sugar) is required per minute, 3.5 milligrams of oxygen is required, and 0.4 milligrams of glutamate is required per minute. As such, a full-fledged human brain needs 8 milligrams of glucose per minute for proper functioning. Oxygen requires 49 mg, and gutamate requires 5.6 mg. On the other hand, 3.5 ml per minute is produced from every 100 grams of brain. Carbon dioxide and 0.8 mg of gutamine. That is why sugar or molasses must be taken.

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