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No matter how good your financial situation is, if you want to be happy in life, your mental state needs to be fixed. So keep your brain calm. The poor are not the ones who live in slums, but the ones who show the pride of their money to the people of these slums. One thing to keep in mind is that your small steps can accomplish big goals, otherwise you can fall into a big jump. The door is smaller than the house, the lock is much smaller than the door, the key is much smaller than the lock, but with that key the whole house can be opened. Similarly small changes in your life can bring big changes in your life.

The one who has time is above all, and then the crow sitting in the house of the rich man also seems to be a peacock. And the poor children in the slums think they are thieves. Everyone is silent when praising people, but if someone is talking about bad qualities, then they will also be dumb. One more thing to always remember, the earth is in need, the sun that people love in winter, the sun is cursed by everyone in summer. In the same way, your value will be there when you need it. So never change yourself for anyone, always believe in yourself. Another important thing is to never tell anyone your secret, because if you can't keep your secret to yourself, how do you think someone else will keep it a secret? That is what will destroy you one day. Steps in life, I swear I will take up the pen very, very thoughtfully. Because these three things will be with you in the future. The line is very strange, if it is in the head, it creates destiny, if it is made in the soil, it creates a border, if it is made in the body, it produces blood, and if it is made in a relationship, it creates walls. Remember it is human nature, people value someone only twice, once before getting someone, and once after losing him.
Someone asks what is the difference between age and life? Someone gave a very nice answer, the time you spend without your loved one is age. And what you spend with your loved ones is life. Sometimes you have to break the rules, you have to join hands where you are not wrong, because the relationship is much bigger than sorry. Today, people wear masks with twenty faces on their faces and those whose own heads are bad want to take account of others.

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