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Always rely on yourself.


I may not do the things that cause God to be found but I must do the things that will bless me. Humanity is in the mind. Not in the sense. I got up thinking that I had fallen but I never left anyone

If there is a relationship, there is no relationship. There is a relationship. The relationship made by the brain lasts till the market, but the relationship made from the mind lasts till the last breath. And the pain of the human mind If you have strength in your feet, the destination will not seem far away. If you can recognize it by sight, then the people will not feel far away.

Anger is like a sudden storm that extinguishes the lamp of our intellect. No matter how bad the relationship is, never break it. Because no matter how dirty the water is, it can quench the fire even if it does not quench the thirst. Nothing on earth is made for itself, such as a river that does not drink its own water, a tree that does not eat its own fruit
It does not give light for itself, the flower does not give its scent for itself. Do you know why? Because living for others is the name of real life. If you value 3 things that will benefit your life, they are God, hard work and education. Never underestimate the three things, disease, debt and enemies.

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