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As I continue to meditate His goodness and grace, I realize how good is God I believe in. 

It’s time to let go into the hands of God when it seems you are in troubled and when you are hopeless. 

In John 5, we read that a man who laid by the pool of Bethesda was sick for thirty-eight years. 

He laid there hoping that he could get into the pool when the angels stirred the water, so that he may get well. But there was no one to carry him into the pool. 

So he could only watch as others got healed. 

While he lay there powerless. 

Can you imagine how hopeless he must have felt? 

That no one cares about him! 

That's exactly how I felt when I'm in troubled. 

Though I'm surrounded with lots of people. 

No one ask me if I'm alright. 

No one cares about me.  

But suddenly something trick in my mind that there's still One who standing to fight for me. 

The One who will always giving me what exactly I needed. And that is "JESUS". Who will always there to save, to love and protect us.
What have you been longing for?  

Does it seem like the blessings you want always end up in someone else’s? Can you imagine when Jesus simply asked the man,  “Do you want to be made well?” 
God is asking you not to lose hope today.
And with one Word from Jesus, everything can turn around in an instant.
Whether you need healing, finances or relationships.  

With One Word from Jesus, all will be turn around. 


The victory is already in us.
Hold fast to the hope and see the promises of God.
Be Greatly Blessed and be a blessing to others!   


Your Brother in Christ, 


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