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Giving to God with Value…



Consider one of the best characters that we need to implement as a Christian.

We all know that whatever things we had are because of God.

The life, the breath, the fame, and the wealth, everything is from God.

But the question is how we can give it back to God?

By doing great work for the glory of God

For me, one of the great examples of this is having a ministry to God.

You do it not because you have it, but consider it as privilege.

You do it not because you have an excess time, but you do it because you have enough and quality time for Him.

You do it not because of obligation, but you do it because you obeyed.

Don’t consider it as a part time, but a full time.

We have all 24 hours a day, how many hours or a minute you spend with Him?

Think about it!

Think about the love of God that covers all our multitude of sins.

And yet, we’re still ignoring the calling of God.

Everything we do, do it for the Glory of God.

In this way, we bring back all to Him with value.

Treasure every moments, because our time is limited.

No matter how far we are, God is still near in us to hear our prayers.

Consider this, there is always a time for everything.

And now is the time to give Glory to our God.



2 Samuel 24:24

“I will not give to God anything that cost me nothing.”


May God bless you...

Your Brother in Christ,



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