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Every Argument against Us…

Good day to everyone!

May God pour out His blessing to all of us!

By faith, we conceive every things that seems impossible.

And did you know that by faith we overcome every argument against us?

Yes! Every human mind is the enemy’s primary target because it is there that faith is developed.

He will make every effort to enslave the mind.

But as a child of God, we must exercise our spiritual authority, identify this argument and pull down any strongholds.

We must cancel every argument that the adversary has used against us.

Any thought that is not of God and confusion in our minds must be bound and submitted to Jesus authority.

Even when the whole world is under the enemy’s control, we have God’s help in that we own the weapons necessary to overcome the enemy and his armies.

By faith, we have the power that steers the mind of man through his Christian life and his walk.

This faith comes when you have an absolute dependence on the word of God.

And Paul reminds us that “greater is He who is in us that the one that is in the world”.

So whatever arguments that the enemy is using against us, let’s have faith in God to overcome any situation.



Living the Christian life means that we submit to and obey divine principles of God.


May God bless you!


Your Brother in Christ,


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