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Being a Christian...

Being a Christian does not mean that we will never go through any storms.

When the problem is bigger than our capacity, take it to the Lord in prayer.

If the Faith in your heart is strong enough, it will burn away any obstacles and difficulties that come your way.

Let’s not give up when we mess up.

Because Jesus never gave up on you.

FAITH connected to ACTION...

Our Faith to God is inevitably connected to actions.

It will not appear out of thin air. 

As the Bible says that Faith without action is dead. 

Taking the risk is just like planting the seeds in the ground that you never know what will happen weather it may bear fruits or not. But to God, all our efforts will not be in vain. 

We all know that we've been from mistakes but it will not cause us to stop.

But do not allow your fear of failure to stop you from living your dreams(faith). 

Understand that mistakes provide essential knowledge that helps us in the future...


For me:

The best way of life possible is the Christian way of life to Jesus...


May the Lord Blesses you...


Your Brother in Christ,


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