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Jesus turned water into wine...

This is the first miracle that Jesus performs. 

A lot of times we make God our last option, when taking about our problems. 

It's hard to be used by God when you're easily offended. 

God doesn't just wanna do things for us. 

He wants relationship with us. 

We can not manipulate God to fit our agenda. 


Read John 2:1-10

Jesus turned water into wine.
He made more wine that was needed which just proves to us He will provide so much more than we expect and need.


Today! let me ask you personally, What are the things that you want to God to turn into wine?

Maybe your difficulties, your obstacles, your misery, your financial, your relationships, your family or whatever things that seems impossible.

Ask God to turn it into more productive and attractive.



To God, impossible is nothing...


May the Lord Blesses you!


Your Brother in Christ,


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