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Crypt-On airdrop (70 IPT)


## Warning!! Always be caution when giving out your personal details when applying for airdrops ## Estimated value of airdrop **70 IPT**= $7 **1 IPT**= $0.10 ## How do I get these free tokens ![CryptOn_AirdropVillage.jpg]( 1. First join Crypt-On Telegram [bot]( 2. Join Crypt-On [Telegram]( 3. Follow Crypt-On on [Twitter]( and retweet their pinned post. 4. Like and share Crypt-On with on [Facebook]( 5. Register an account on [Crypt-On]( 6. Submit your details on the airdrop bot and you should receive 70 IPT on your account ## Useful links [Crypt-On Telegram]( [Crypt-On Twitter]( [Crypt-On Facebook]( [Crypt-On website]( [Crypt-On whitepaper]( [Bitcointalk ANN]( ## Follow for more airdrops alerts, cryptocurrency and tech.
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