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The best food for healthy teeth



![Best-Foods-for-Healthy-Teeth.jpeg]([source]( You can say a lot about how a person can eat his teeth, because you really do what you can eat in the health of your teeth. If you are eating foods with high sugar content, there is a high likelihood that you will experience tooth decay. If you drink alcohol, you do not hydrate your face, rather it is dry and keep the saliva moist and healthy. Alcohol is also associated with gum disease. Soda Pop can also cause major damage with a recent study that carbonated beverages may be harmful to your teeth such as methamphetamine and cocaine crack. Tip-top position should have us other foods to keep our teeth, but have healthy meals for our teeth? As it turns out, there are several. Its five best ones that will help you keep your pocket white shiny and ready to make some heavy chomping
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