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Spring Cotton Flower Photography


Flower is an object in nature whose beauty fascinates and attracts all animals. We all know that flowers are the best gift given to us by the Creator or for our nature. A flower is an object through which love can be exchanged or used to exchange greetings with a person or to enhance the beauty of a place. When you hear the name flower, you feel a kind of love in your mind. Flowers have adorned nature and our world in a beautiful way. It lifts the tide of joy in our minds. And the moment of spending some time with that flower is really a wonderful time.I spent some time in the morning with that flower which I thought it was the best moment of my day. I really enjoyed the time a lot.


It's spring. Spring means a fair of green leaves all around and the trees are decorated with new flowers. Which brings nature back to unsurpassed beauty. That is why this day is called the king of seasons. When I walk in the morning, I see these cotton flowers even earlier than when I saw the cotton tree. From a long distance, these red flowers came to my notice and from a distance, its beauty looked very good. So I went to the tree to enjoy the beauty of the cotton flower.I went under the tree and saw many cotton flowers lying under it. Then I like these scenes very much. And I am much more fascinated by the beauty of these flowers. Moreover, many flowers could be seen on the tree but no leaves could be seen. I liked these scenes a lot which is not understandable. So I tried to do some photography.

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