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Spider || Some misconceptions prevalent in our society...


Our world is surrounded by strange mysteries. There are innumerable species of animals or plants in the world. There is no end to the mystery about them. Our earth scientists are constantly trying to unravel that mystery. Sometimes we believe in that mystery as well as some superstitions. In fact, every animal or plant on this earth has its secrets. That mystery is further enhanced by the different characteristics of different species. There is no end to the mystery about spiders. At the same time, there are some superstitions prevalent in our society about spiders.


The spider is known to everyone. We see this creature all the time. Spiders and cobwebs can be seen weaving around our house or inside the room. It is also a well-known insect because of the Hollywood movie Spider-Man.Moreover, whenever we hear the name of a spider or see it in front of our eyes, it is as if fear works in our mind, sometimes the body becomes nervous. Again, many people shout in fear when they see spiders. There is no end to the mystery about spiders. Many people think that all spiders are poisonous. Although not all spiders are poisonous.


Some common ideas about spiders in our society

Some people in the society consider having a spider inside the house as an ominous sign. Moreover, many people think that having a spider's web inside the house means bringing poverty. In other words, the clock that has a spider's web causes poverty in the house. Although the question remains about the truth! Because in the current age of science, this kind of blind faith seems to me a lot of superstition.


Moreover, there is a lot of talk about spiders in the society. Which has no basis. Many consider all spiders to be poisonous and kill them. Which is not desirable at all. Because all the creatures of this world play an important role in maintaining the balance of the earth. So we should not kill them. Hopefully we will free ourselves from this kind of heinous act.

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