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Some photography to see the native species fishing scene in the afternoon


Hello friends. Hope everybody is well. Stay in any part of the world! Hope you are there healthy and having a good time.


I went to observe the fishing scene in our area yesterday afternoon. I went and saw that their fishing was almost over. But they have collected a lot of fish. I am sharing those pictures with you. I hope you like it.A few words about native fish

Bangladesh is a riverine country. There are more than 700 rivers in this country. Moreover, many parts of our country have low water bodies. And canal-bill haor-baor etc. Which are the source of native fish. Many species of native fish are caught in the rainy season and with the decrease of water in the rainy season.

Different types of native fish are available here. For example, there are various species of native fish including horn fish, magur fish,Pale carplet , Anabus fish, Striped Snakehead fish, Olive Barb fish, taki fish, Grig fish, Sheat Fish and different species of carp fish. Which is very tasty to eat. Once upon a time in Bangladesh, domestic food was served with fish.

But now with the increase in population, the number of fish is decreasing day by day due to filling of canals, rivers and canals. So when I suddenly see these fish scenes, my heart is really full of joy. Because this fish is getting lost day by day.


The Relationship Of Bangladeshies People with Fish

Bengalis have a deep and intimate relationship with fish. Our relationship with fish is-


    Our relationship with fish is "we are Bengali in fish rice".মাছের সাথে আমাদের সম্পর্ক হচ্ছে "আমরা মাছে ভাতে বাঙালি"।


What is the item on the plate of Bengali food? We want to have fish with rice on our plate. Food is not satisfied without fish. If there is no fish in the food, it seems that the taste is lost there. That is why we are called Bengali in fish and rice. Moreover, fish is one of the sources of protein.

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