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Rat hunting || Why are rats harmful to us?


Hello guys


Hope everybody is well great mercy of Creator.Last night this rat was hunted from our dining room by a rat call machine. For a while, a few rats would steal curry from our dining room and destroy it. You all know that the heart is a harmful animal.The rat is a clever and silent destructive mammal. Although the rat is small, the extent of damage is great. They can survive by eating any food. Can adapt to any environment. Can give birth at a young age.


It cuts through our necessary paperwork or clothes. Moreover, it causes a lot of damage to our crops. Rats not only destroy our food grains but also destroy them. Their feces, fur mixed with food products spread 60 types of diseases including typhoid, jaundice, skin diseases and worm diseases. Rats are the carriers of a deadly disease called plague.

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