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Plantain Flower/Banana Blossom || After a long time in our house yielding banana flower.


I hope all of you are well great mercy of Creator. I hope your time is going well and you are healthy even during the ongoing corona virus. I am also healthy and well. Today I will share with you some pictures that I took this morning on my mobile camera. I hope you like it. The house we currently live in has been built on land. When we came to the new house, planting any tree would give good yield. Perhaps the soil was much more fertile then. At that time we had a lot of banana trees in our house and that banana tree used to hold a lot of bananas. Most of the bananas were native bananas.

We could sell those bananas and make a profit by selling them. Because then there were three members of our family. It was not possible for those three to eat so many bananas. Moreover, many times we used to give bananas to our relatives. So we could sell a lot of bananas.

But there was a problem in our house, when the rainy season came, our house would get flooded on 3 sides. But the banana tree would die if it got water. As a result, all the banana trees died and our house became empty.

However, after a long time, my father brought banana saplings and planted them. After two years of planting, now a tree has started yielding which you can see in the picture. This is a matter of real joy. The banana flower or plantain flower seems to be quite large.


The banana holds a lot of bananas from the plantain flower. The inside of the banana flower can be cooked and eaten. As a kid my mother used to cook a lot of banana flowers (the small part that stays after holding a banana) and it was really very tasty to eat. It has a small part inside which is very good to eat raw.

Anyway hopefully this banana flower will yield much better. After a long time, the banana flower coming out of the banana tree will make us smile. There are many benefits of eating this banana flower.

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