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Photography of caterpillars perched on leaves...


Every day we see various insects around us. None of these are harmful and none are beneficial. Some insects sit on our food and spoil the food. Again some insects sit on our body and bite. So we are a little annoyed with many insects and spiders. On the contrary, there are some insects whose beauty fascinates us and we are attracted to them. The role of insects is very important for food production and protection of our wildlife. For example, birds feed on insects. Again many insects help us to increase the fertility of the soil. So whether the insect is harmful or beneficial. All of them are important for maintaining the balance of our environment and the world.The insect you see in the picture is a caterpillar. However, it is called "Senga" in our regional language. However, it is true that they are called by different names in different regions. Anyway the beauty of this caterpillar seemed pretty good to me. So I tried some photography. Although this tiny insect is harmful to us as far as I know. Seeing this, my body became scared. Because when these are applied to the body, itching occurs in the body and the body becomes swollen. So it is very scary to see these.


This morning when I went out for a morning walk. Then this first motion was seen sitting on the leaves of a tree on the side of the road. Suddenly my eyes fell on this caterpillar. It looked so beautiful. But again I was scared. Even then I went very close and did some photography on my mobile. It's really nice to see. The beauty fascinated me.


Towards the end of winter, i.e. from the beginning of summer, these insects are seen. Many times these come into the house and even occasionally such insects are spotted on the bed. This type of insect is most common especially in crop lands.Striped with different colors, this insect looks like a few antennas. As it moves, its body tends to contract and expand. It's nice to see those scenes. Of course, even more terrifying caterpillars are occasionally seen. Occasionally many caterpillars can be seen inside the wood of the tree. Which is deadly horrible.

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