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Photography ~ Dragonfly


A dragon fly is a well-known insect that flies in the yard or on the side of the road or in the bushes.If you look at it from side to side, you can see dragonflies flying in different colors. Colorful dragonflies can easily attract any symbol or people with its beauty. dragonfly

Especially during the rainy season, many dragons can be seen flying or sitting on a pole.Dragonflies could be seen flying or sitting, especially near water, such as water hyacinth or other small plants. The third reason for the album is that the dragonfly lays its eggs in the water and the baby hatches there.Due to the current winter, the dragonfly is not very noticeable. A few days ago, when I was walking in the yard, I suddenly saw this dragon fly. Then I took some pictures of it. I like to see any kind of insect.


One of the good things about it is that this eco-friendly little creature, Dragon Fly and its young, helps keep our environment healthy by controlling mosquitoes by eating water insects, spiders and mosquito larvae. The full-grown dragon preys on the fly. The dragon fly also plays a role in simultaneously controlling various species of harmful mosquitoes, insects harmful to crops and public health.


Rumor has it that the more dragonflies there are in the area, the better the environment. So we should all be free from killing this dragon fly. Survive these insects. Then the world will be in balance and our environment will be good and we will be healthy.

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