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Paddy field || Green ceremonies are now on the field in Bangladesh.


Bangladesh is an agricultural country. However, at present Bangladesh has developed in many sectors and far from being an agricultural country. Even then, paddy was cultivated in many lands in rural areas of Bangladesh. The main reason is rice is our main food. And we depend on Paddy field to get that rice. Spring is now in Bangladesh. The field is now green with ceremonies. Let's look at the rural areas of Bangladesh! That's where the green and the green ceremony. This scene is really eye-catching. This green ceremony fascinates any person. It easily fills the mind with joy. Going to the paddy field creates a different feeling. It works differently in the mind.


This indescribable beauty of nature attracts human beings as well as any animal. If you go to the paddy field, you can see many different types of insects and many birds sitting there. Again and again, the scene of flying here and there is eye-catching. Paddy is cultivated on beels or high lands in almost every rural area of ​​Bangladesh.Our motherland Bangladesh has been known as "Ruposhi Bangla" since ancient times. Nature has enhanced the beauty of our country with both hands. So in ancient times many tourists came to our country and were fascinated by the weather and natural beauty of our country. The rural areas of Bangladesh are like a green ceremony painted on a painting by a painter. Green and green is where the rural areas are looked at. It seems as if the green is mixed with the green. Fascinated by this beauty, many poets have written poems and many artists have sung about the nature of Bengal.These paddy have been planted in the land a few days ago. Now these have turned green. After a while, when they grow up again, they will be greener and when the paddy comes out or the paddy starts to ripen, what color will they be again?


There are many farmers in the rural areas of Bangladesh. Those who harvest paddy. And contributes to our economy. Just as they are self-sufficient in growing rice, they also contribute a lot to our economic system. Why our country is a small country full of population. So we have a lot of food needs. Every year we have to import rice from different countries. Therefore, our country benefits a lot when the farmers of the country produce paddy. There was endless love and respect for the farmers. Those who work hard to produce crops for us.

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