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Nakshi cake made with eggs and pulses




Cake is a part of the culture of Bangladesh. Especially when winter comes, different types of cakes are made in every house of Bengalis. Most cakes are eaten in winter. This time is considered to be the best time to eat cake. Suddenly the taste of eating hot cake in the morning or evening of winter is different. Cake is an integral part of Bengali food.


As winter approaches, different types of cakes are made. Various types of cakes are made including jhal pitha, sweet pitha, bhapa pitha, nakshi pitha, pakan pitha, bhara pitha. Different different types of flavors.Here the big cake is mango and mango leaf design and the small cake is a leaf design.


However, the cake you see in the picture is known as nakshi cake. This cake is called nakshi cake as different designs are made on it. These were made and sent by my cousin's mother-in-law yesterday. The cakes are really nice to look at.


These cakes are given different designs while making. Some are in the shape of leaves or fish or other animals or objectHs.That ingredient is needed to make the cake


    Rice Powder



    Molasses or Sugar

    Coconut Powder



This is how the cake is made


    At first, you have to make molasses syrup. That is why it is necessary to mix the amount of molasses and the amount of water and heat it in the heat of fire.Make sure that the syrup is thick and sticky, or the cake will not be good


    Heat water and salt in a pan. When the mixture is hot, add rice powder and pulses powder. Then mix coconut powder in it and heat it in the oven for a while. As if yeast is made.


    Now, apply oil on the dough. Now take a piece of yeast and sand a little thick bread. Grease the top and bottom of the bread. Now cut the bread with a fork, design it as you like with a toothpick or a date fork or a sharp stick.


    When all the cakes are made, you have to fry them in hot oil. This cake needs to be fried over time. Can't be rushed. Drain the oil well. Place on paper so that excess oil draws out. Put sugar syrup or molasses syrup on the cake. Now the nakshi pitha is made.

This cake is very tasty to eat. At least one of my very favorite cakes. So my mother used to make this cake every few days. When my mother makes it again in a few days, I will try to show you the whole process. Thanks everyone.

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