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Macro Photography || Moth


I hope all of you are well great mercy of Creator. Today I am sharing some pictures of moths. I hope you like it. We are all fascinated by all the insects belonging to the butterfly species or the butterfly family or class. The number of people who are not fascinated by the beauty of butterflies or other insects belonging to the butterfly family or class is negligible. The moth is one of the most beautiful insects.It is a truly captivating sight for the moths to spread their wings while sitting. Which easily attracts and fascinates any person. Moths are usually somewhat different from butterflies. Moths do not come out during the day. Moths feel more comfortable in the dark.This is a very small shaped moth. It is really difficult to capture such a small species in a mobile camera. It seemed so to me. I saw this insect sitting in the wall last night. Then I did some photography. I really liked the sight of this insect spreading its two wings. Which really fascinates me a lot. Because many insects harm us but some insects maintain the balance of our environment. When we see some insects, we shout in fear and when we see some insects, our minds are filled with joy. Moths are one of them.

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