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I found wounded butterfly in my room very early in the morning


Today I have to write in a different way about an insect with the unique beauty of nature. You must understand by looking at the picture that I am writing about butterflies. But today I am writing about injured butterflies. A few days ago I woke up when I turned on the lights for the purpose of going to the toilet. Then I saw a butterfly sitting on the floor and moaning. That is, he was injured. I didn’t realize it hurt in the first place. I am very happy to see this butterfly in my room at first and do a lot of photography with the mobile in hand. I do a lot of photography with my hands. Then I see it is not flying. Then there was some doubt and it seemed sick. Then I noticed that it had some holes in its wings. Then I put it on the book on my tea table.After a while I turned off the lights and lay down for a while and after a while I went out. After a long time I came back to the room and saw a lot of ants pulling it. I noticed that the butterfly was still alive. I grabbed the butterfly and blew the ants away. Then I saw that it had completely lost its power. I was very upset to see the butterfly in this condition. But I had nothing to do. I took him by the hand and tried to put him out of the window through the leaves of the tree. But it could no longer fly.It was absolutely sickening. Then when I put it on the leaves of the tree but it could not sit it fell down. Then maybe some bird will eat it. Because then I couldn't find it anymore. I really felt bad that day. But I could do nothing for the butterfly. I'm really sorry.


I had to say goodbye to one of the most beautiful insects in the world. But it ended right in front of my eyes. But I am helpless because I did not have the power to save it. So sorry. I'm really sorry.

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