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How to Make Mera Pitha or Cake .


Winter is currently in Bangladesh. That is why there is a buzz of making cakes in every house in Bengal. Hundreds of types of cakes are made in this country! The winter of Bengal and the cake seem to be tied together.Most cakes are sweet, some cakes are salty. However, no matter what cake is made, the main ingredient in making the cake is rice powder. The new rice grew just before winter. So in Bangladesh most of the cakes are usually made in winter. Apart from that, some juice cakes create a different taste in winter frosts, cakes made in cold weather stay good for a long time.


Mera pitha is such a winter. This cake is basically made for most of the winter. So today I will tell you something about how to make this cake.So let's find out how to make this cake.

All the ingredients are needed to make this cake

    Rice Powder

    Sugar or Molasses



The process of making this cake


   1. First you have to fry the rice powder in a pan. When it is dry and crispy, it is necessary to make yeast with the same amount of salt and hot water, coconut powder and sugar or molasses.

    2.Pla a flat wooden spoon with a little yeast in the middle of the palm of your hand and roll it well. So that the cake you see in the picture above is shaped like this cake.

    3.When water boils in a large pot, put grate on it, put the cakes inside it and boil it for 1 hour.


Then you will see that the cake is ready. Now it's your turn to serve. This cake is often eaten mixed with meat broth.


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