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How standard is street food?


We are a food-loving nation. We eat a variety of foods to taste. Especially when we go out on the street and see different delicious food, water comes to our tongue to eat that food. 

Many delicacies are sold on the sidewalks in rural or urban areas of our country. Which we know as streetfood. The demand for these foods is much higher. Ordinary people, students, employees gather to eat these. Especially in front of schools, colleges or any other institution you can see how much students or other people like the food sold on the sidewalk! But have we ever wondered how healthy these foods are?image source

Many people suffer from various foodborne illnesses as a result of eating unhealthy food on street food or sidewalks.How standard are the foods the seller is selling and how standard are the ingredients he is using? In fact, none of us notice it. 

Moreover, most street foods are kept open. So that other ingredients besides dust mix with the food and contaminate the food. Moreover, various kinds of harmful insects like mosquitoes and flies sit and lay their eggs in them. And we get sick from eating that food. 

It is often seen that these street side shops serve food on discarded books, notebooks or paper. We use these papers ourselves. Then how much dirt-garbage these papers are in contact with. And in those papers when food is served. Then we eat that food. That means how much garbage we eat.image source

Many street food vendors use water in their food. It uses water from a river, drain or sewer. Which is completely contaminated water. Today we get infected with various diseases by eating them.Because filtered water is not used, it contains Escherichia coli and Proteus basilas. Which can pose a risk to health. 

A large portion of these street food items are made by frying in oil. And almost all the shops use the same oil day after day. As a result, the oils get burned and this oil can cause heart disease. It can also play a role in causing cancer. Apart from that, various diseases and germs ranging from gastric can lodge in our body. 

Although street food is delicious, it has its disadvantages. So we should all refrain from eating all these foods. Food for health, not food for taste. With this in mind we should refrain from eating harmful foods.

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