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Domesticated ducks || The way many people become financially self-sufficient .....


Ducks are domesticated birds. Every family in the rural areas of our country keeps ducks. On the one hand, it meets the demand for eggs and meat and on the other hand, it is possible to become financially self-sufficient. At present, many young people are returning home after finishing their studies and becoming financially self-sufficient with duck farms.In every house in the rural areas of Bangladesh, two to four pairs or even more ducks are reared. Duck eggs are sold in the market. Moreover, ducks can be sold at many prices in Bangladesh. As a result, many poor families can become financially self-sufficient.Ducks can be easily reared in wetlands. They swim all day in rivers, ponds or wetlands and collect and eat snails from there. Moreover, they eat small fish. Usually prefers to go in groups. Ducks often go far away in groups. That is why the ducks have to be called and fed different foods. In our area, ducks are fed paddy, rice husk or rice. Many people collect snails and feed them to the ducks.A duck lays many eggs a year. 

Domesticated ducks are reared all over the country due to some features such as small capital, small space, common food, disease resistance, ability to survive in hostile environment etc. Poultry farms provide financial support to rural women which is very important in her family and social life. Moreover, duck eggs and meat help us to meet the deficiency of animal meat.

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