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Amazing gifts of nature || Banana cans or sticks in the middle of the banana tree....


What do we not have in this nature? I don't think there is anything missing. Mystery, wonder, beauty, diversity - everything is in our nature. It is because of the coexistence of all of them that we love nature so much, our minds become anxious to be close to nature. Just as some of the mysteries of nature amaze us, so too do some of the beauties amaze us.

few days ago, seeing such a beauty of nature, I suddenly stopped. I can't explain how surprised I am to see this! I am very impressed to see it. Many like me are fascinated by this scene and pause for a moment. And enjoy this beauty. The beauty of nature is truly extraordinary. 

A banana stick or can burst in the middle of a banana tree growing on the side of the road. This incident has created curiosity among the locals. Unbelievable but true. The incident took place in the middle of a banana tree planted on the side of the road in front of the house.I have never seen such a scene before. So it creates complete curiosity in my mind as well as fascinates a lot more. I stood for a long time after watching this scene and took some pictures on my mobile. This is a really amazing scene. Many people like me enjoy the beauty of it as well as take pictures on mobile.

The holding of cans or sticks of banana tree has created curiosity among the people. Many people have even suggested cutting down the banana plant without knowing or hearing about it.People are coming to see the tree after the incident was announced. Many people come and comment that it is an unlucky sign, so they are advising to cut it too soon. Again, many have said that one of the great creations of the Almighty is that a banana tree is not at the top of the tree, but in the middle of the tree the banana stick or cans is caught.

Different people make different comments. But one thing is for sure, it is truly an amazing gift of nature. Seeing that, there is no way for any human being to stop. This view of nature delights and fascinates any human being with its beauty.

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