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Macro Insect Photography


Hello friends! Hope everybody is well. Today I will share with you some pictures of insects. Which I captured on my mobile camera a long time ago. I saw this insect a few days ago sitting on my bed and between the walls. I liked these scenes so I captured them on my mobile phone camera. Although I do not know the name of the insect.


In fact, it is good to see all the creations of this universe. Because the Creator has created everything beautifully. Maybe some of us dislike those creations and some of us like them a lot. That is the only difference we have.This tiny insect contributes a lot to maintain the balance of the earth. Whether these insects are harmful or beneficial for us, everything is very important to maintain the balance of the earth. Anyway this insect I liked and fascinated me. It felt like a big ant to me. Although it has two wings and can fly. Honestly, I have seen this type of insect many times but I do not know its real name.

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