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Rugby World Cup 2023: Crushed by Wales, Australia is all but knocked out


The Dragons made short work of the Wallabies (40-6) on Sunday, and have essentially guaranteed their place in the quarter-finals. Australian coach Eddie Jones, meanwhile, is in the hot seat.

According to the Rhône prefecture, there is only a moderate seismic risk, even low, in the department. But you could be forgiven for having doubted this on Sunday, September 24. The shockwave of the Wallabies' 6-40 thrashing by Wales at Lyon's Groupama Stadium was felt almost 17,000 kilometers away, in Australia.

This much-awaited match between two former glories of international rugby, who have been struggling for several years, promised to be an indecisive encounter. The suspense only lasted for the first half. The Dragons exploited the Wallabies' naivety, who conceded far too many penalties to hope for a better outcome.


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