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Who Is Not Autistic?


That's the debate. [What I'm about to say was flagged on Infocomms by people maybe like Leviticus or whoever may be against me or whatever the case may be in reality (click here to see more).]( Are people all the same? What does it mean to be [autistic?]( @Artsyneva, my mom has had similar problems like you. So, me and my mom were talking about it today about these things and things we might be diagnosed with, allegedly, things like [autism,]( the [Asperger Syndrome,]( etc, etc. It's a debate depending on how these terms are defined, the spectrum they may have depending on your IQ and your personality type out of 16 combinations of different personality types and possibly other things.
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# Treacher Collins syndrome Specifically, physically, biologically, genetically, you can see that I have [Treacher Collins syndrome]( in that my chin may be too small, the roof of my mouth may be too high, my tongue may be too short, the bottom eyelid of my left or right eye has been hanging like a lazy eye to make the one eye look bigger, my inner ear, the pipes, the canals, may be a bit smaller than normal or it may get clogged up when I have a cold. Specifically, those are physical differences that I have noticed with myself. My brother has it worse than me. My older sister may have some of this. # The Debate Would you compare "AUTISM" more with nerds, geeks, computer people, book people, etc, or mentally retarded people on short buses? That's the heart of the debate. I might be using these terms as examples for the type of issues that people may have. I'm not saying that you have any of these things. I don't know. But that's not really what I'm trying to say. I'm trying to say that terms, like autism, can be weaponized to become political in order to over-stereotype and demonize people. # Racism It reminds of how the left terms the right as racist. In other words, they weaponize and destroy words and people. The same thing may be true with autism and other words. Autism may not always be too bad. Well, I guess it depends as there is a spectrum that autism may have. # Brain Damage @Artsyneva, you mentioned how people called you brain damaged. So, that inspired me to write all of this. I'm trying to say some people may have more brain damage. Actually, everybody has brain damage because we are not immortal. Originally, people were immortal before the curse, [Romans 5:12.]( # Spoons v Shovels That takes me back to how you shouldn't eat cereal with a shovel or dig a ditch with a spoon, meaning that different people are different. The problem is that leftists teach us that we are all the same in school, that is equality. I believe in the equality of real free markets, of opportunities, not outcomes (socialism). Too often, people buy into lies that are built upon lies that are built on other lies that are founded on things like evolution which means we are all random acts of accidents and that drugs and medicine can always fix us from ADHD and shaking and anxiety and nervousness and fear and other things. I believe in medicine and in gardens and in natural remedies. I believe in a combination of things. # Godism People believe in Godism, meaning that they believe they can be like a god, regardless of whether they believe in God or in religions. People will not always tell you that but they do in fact believe that anything is possible, generally, and that if you believe hard enough and try hard enough, then your spoon will become a shovel or your shovel will become a spoon, that we are all the same completely and that we can do anything and everything and that if we don't then we must be lazy and stupid and stuff. A lot of people don't really know about this original oatmeal. I mean, a lot of people don't really know that this is how they see the world because they haven't taken enough time to think about that. # Good News But the good news is that we make things better when we encourage people to think a little bit more as people tend not to think enough about why they do what they do and why they believe what they believe. Some people choose better choices, beliefs, when confronted. We can't always force people to do what we want them to do, even if our ideas are better. We shouldn't be trying to force people to do what we want them to do. But when we talk to people, when we ask them questions, when we red-pill people, some of them do wake up on their own and they walk away from leftism. That's the good news. But the bad news is that not everybody walks away. Not everybody wakes up. Not everybody wakes up immediately. It takes patience, as in many years for some people.
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