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[Why would you punish the real king,]( Jon Snow, for killing a mad queen, Danny, AKA Daenerys? He was sent to the wall? Wait, I thought walls and borders are bad. [The earth is flat?]( Why send Jon Snow back to the Night Watch? What are they watching now that the White Zombie Walkers are dead? Leaders were killing off leaders and kings in the Game of Thrones (GOT). Jon was not a bastard. He was a secret son of the mad king, or at least like a nephew. Danny was murdering women and children. I thought that was a bad thing to do. So, why punish Jon? [New Rockstars - Bran's Plan.]( [Nikki Saryan.]( [Angry Joe.](
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# King Jon Snow I was glad Jon killed Danny. When I saw the dragon, I thought the dragon would try to burn Jon with fire. Then I was hoping Jon wouldn't die from fire just like Danny didn't long ago. I was hoping that the dragon would be sad but ok. I thought the dragon had a connection with Jon. I was hoping Jon would hop onto the dragon. Jon must have turned himself in. That was a mistake. Bran played them all off against each other to get the throne, to become the king. This was the Stark show. Bran won. He was climbing trees and buildings in season 1, until he was pushed off a building. But then he learned how to fly and become king. [The Reel Rejects.]( I wanted Jon to jump on the dragon and go around killing anybody that stood in his way. Not women and children, but those who would not bow the knee, that is those men with ponytails. # Woke Thrones Danny was the Social Justice Warrior (SJW) Woman Queen Star. [The Feminists demand that only women are the heroes,]( said Jack Posobiec. HBO is not allowed to tell other types of stories, leftists scream, that white men have way too much privilege and they must be girly and they must lose. Women must beat them, right? Need more soy in boy. # Stop Them Before They Destroy The World If you don't stop Danny, then she will burn down your kingdom, even the women and the children. [Mark Dice has a book called Liberalism, Find a Cure.]( If you don't find a cure, then Danny blows down your house like a big bad wolf and the three little bears, I mean pigs in a blanket. Don't forget Little Red Riding Hood who was the werewolf. Hey, I object to that since I once played that wolf in a movie we made when I was eleven in 1996 in Oregon. It makes dogs look bad. So, find a cure before it turns you into stone like it did to those people in the show. CS Lewis talks about the problems with leftists, AKA busy bodies. The first tyranny is that of moral busy bodies. How did she become the queen of the seven kingdoms? She got her husband to murder her own brother. She killed off the leaders of some armies and took them over. She invaded and conquered cities just because she felt like it and she blamed it on slavery. # Neo Con Queen Danny believed in her own morality over others. She enforced whatever she thought and believed onto others without question in the books. In the show, she was painted a little more grey than that, a little good, until season 8. People argue that there was foreshadowing. Yes. True. So, there were hints that she was becoming the mad queen. The problem isn't that. The problem is simply in how the story was told. It was told abruptly. When you want to get from point A to point B, please have enough transition in the story, in the character archs. Danny was Obama. Jack Posobiec said that he endorsed the ending of Game of Thrones and he applause HBO for allowing an ending like that to be filmed and aired. Talk about racist. Jack is so racist. Just kidding. But that is what people say. Some people are attacking Jack and others for speaking the truth. Obama was the Evil Queen from Once Upon a Time on ABC. Obama was just like Danny, the Mad Queen, via Drone Strikes and all the wars in the Middle East and around the world. Jack also said they could have done a better job, but it was a vital message to broadcast. I agree. A message that says that leftism will destroy civilization if left unchecked. # Plastic Water Bottles [How many water bottles & Starbucks cups did you spot in Game of Thrones?]( # IGN Review [They reviewed the ending of GOT.]( They talked about the election that they had. They chose Brand who doesn't need a throne. He has his own throne, AKA wheelchair. Wait, did they have wheel chairs back then? IGN seem upset at the ending. They talked about how it was bad that the election was not entirely a democracy. But do you really want a mob-ruling democracy or would you rather have a republic? America was founded to be a representative, constitutional republic and not a democracy. We don't want a democracy. We want a republic. But some people will promote that word, democracy. But it's a dangerous word. In the show, the characters made jokes about democracies. One said they were going to ask their horse what the horse thought. Yeah, we should let our pets and animals vote, too, right? I agree that if you want to let everybody vote, then where do you draw the line? Instead, only let responsible adults vote but only if you are 30 years old or older. But you have to own property. You have to be a citizen. You have to be an employer in a local community. Responsibility. Power. You have to have a family. Have to have children. Then you can vote for representatives, politicians, leaders. And then they can vote on the laws. If we don't like it, then we vote them out and stuff. This is called [Propertarianism.]( # Emergency Awesome [He talks a bit about the finale.]( He goes on to talk about how the Song of Ice & Fire, that is the books that GOT is based on, about how it may end differently than it did in the show. # Sophie Turner Geeks & Gamers Jeremy talked about [Sansa Stark Slams Game of Thrones Fans Over Season 8 Petition]( - Sophie is misrepresenting the fans, the petition, what they were trying to say. I liked her on Dr. Phil. Pew Die Pie talks about Dr. Phil. Sadly, Sophie attacked the fans. The petition got over a million signatures. Sophie said they worked so hard at making the show. Yes, but the execution was lazy. So, will the fans, that made Sophie a star, go out to see her in the new X-Men movie? We will have to wait to find out. # Rushed Jeremy Jahns talked about [how rushed the final season was.]( They should have stretched it out to ten seasons, not eight, and twice as many episodes. Flesh it out more. Not only was it rushed, but it was also bloated up with people walking around with no lines. People just sitting around, walking, thinking, a whole lot in episode six of season eight. We didn't get to see Danny rule the six or seven seasons. We didn't get to see Danny interact more with the other kingdoms. That is what the show has been all about. We would see how different rulers rule. We could have seen what Jon would have done in a more fleshed out sticky situation. Why did they send Jon away? Just because some people did not like him? Since when did that ever stop people from whatever? Tyrion found his siblings a little bit too easily. Had they moved to the left a bit, they would have survived. Not a lot of rocks down there. # TheGoodwolfe He wrote: ["I disagree about Jon's ending.]( I thought it was clear that Jon was going north of the wall to start a new life with the free folk, Tormund & Ghost. [Bran knew the only way to save Jon from Grey Worm & the unsullied,]( is to present going north as a punishment, a life sentence at the Black to them. Bran also knew what would happen after Jon got there. Jon was escorted there, and upon arrival, he saw the black was full of free folk, Tormund & Ghost waiting for him to lead them out to re-settle their old lands. As Jon rides out, he briefly turns and looks back as the gate closes. one final look at his old life, before continuing into the forest with the free folk to establish a new settlement. Several things are important to note here as well. There is no threat from white walkers or wildlings anymore. Castle Black was now unnecessary & essentially empty, except for the free folk who were clearly just waiting for Jon. When Jon first joined the Night Watch, he held them in high esteem, but quickly learned they were not the most honorable or decent people, and lost much respect for them over his time there. His disenchantment with them was part of why it was possible for him to break his vows with Ygritte while living with them, and why later, he had no problem renouncing the Night Watch and leaving to go retake Winterfell from the Boltons. Plus, I don't believe that Bran ever intended for Jon to actually serve at the Black, but simply used that to try and satisfy Grey Worm's need for justice, and get him free from the unsullied. Now that the unsullied have gone back home, do you honestly think King Bran or Queen Sansa would be anything but happy to know Jon has gone to make a life with the free folk north of the wall? Bran didn't have to lie, yet knew what would happen, and had probably already "seen" it happen as well. The bittersweet is Jon finally gets to be where he was the happiest he's ever been, to live out his days there beyond the wall, yet knowing it will take time to heal from the deep regret of having to kill the woman he loved, even though it was for the good of the realm." # Finale Reviews [Looper gave a summary.]( [Screen Rant - Actors React to the Ending.]( @flauwy - [Coding to the Finale.]( @honeybee - [Finale Review.]( Geeks & Gamers - [The King Of The North Slams Game of Thrones Series Finale.]( The Thinkery - [Daenerys Targaryen is a Warning to Feminists.]( [Chris Stuckmann.]( [Zakofidea.]( [Accent Central.]( [The Critical Drinker.]( [E! News.]([Kutsal Motor.]([Fandom Entertainment.]( [John]( [Campea.]( # Conclusion I'm a bit sad about how they told their story. What ended up happening was disappointing, but it was not my story. They made it. It was their story. I would have had Jon Snow as the king of the seven kingdoms. But some of are mostly upset in how the story was executed. It was sudden. Story archs were reversed and broken. That is how children write stories. It is immature to kill off all you characters. Why would you pretend to redeem characters just to turn around turn them back into who they were originally? This is my rough draft post on it. I shared a few videos and articles in this post article on the finale. I love the series in general. There is so much that can be said. I have more to say. But this is a good starting point.
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