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This is the alien takeover. Are there aliens? What are aliens? Did aliens create humans or did humans create aliens, I mean chimero hybrids? Are the Bill Gates vaccines changing our DNA to turn us into aliens, into different creatures, right now and not in the future but right now in 2020?


When you get chills down your back, when you feel good, those endorphins, chemicals, and tech cartels are trying to remove that from your body.

1998 Hanks Easter Bunny Coloring Contest


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2020-05-20 - Wednesday

Oatmeal Daily - 2020-05-20 - Wednesday | Published in May of 2020

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Red Yellow = Red Blue and Gray = VERY RED

By Oatmeal Joey Arnold

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Joe Rogan & Tim Pool

Unicorn Cow

12:21 AM - Hive Blog

Is that a Unicorn Cow? I love your cartoons. Very fun. That girl you drew has cute glasses. I love it.

You'll Always Be You

12:56 AM - You'll Always Be You

2003-06-18 - You'll Always Be You 4-2.png

Kelly said she looked up to Madonna. Well, what did Madonna say in response? She said the only thing that really matters in life is love and how you treat each other. I wrote about this on the 18th of June of 2003. This was during the summer after my Junior year in High School.


What really matters in life is Jesus, Others, and You (JOY). There is so much value in listening, in being present, in being in the moment, in being in a relationship with those around you and those you should be around.

This One is For You

01:16 AM - This One is For You

2004-04-16 - This One is For You.jpg

From the depths of the sea and from the heights of the mountains, for better and for worse, you know that this one is for you. We are united and divided by invisible enemies from within. We must stand up for something or fall for everything. We share in the same hopes and the same fears. I wrote about this on the 16th of April of 2004, which was two months before graduating from High School. This was a poem that I wrote. We are more related than identical twins. We have more in common with each other than a bag of rice. We share the same takes, outtakes, flakes, and retakes. We are all in it together, brothers and sisters.

Make some assumptions about me or rate me and I could return the favor perhaps.


2020-05-20 - Wednesday - 02:07 AM - 02:53 AM - Vikings 415

They go to kill Ragnar who has a cross he gives to the boy who is back already. I was not aware that the boy got back from going into the wild or to another town to become a man. Prophesy is dangerous if they are too vague. Ragnar confronts the old fortune cookie man about that. Fate or destiny is a crucial question. The king wants Ragnar to beg for absolution before his death.

2020-05-20 - Wednesday - 02:55 AM - 03:37 AM - Vikings 416

Scarlett Johansson can't believe that Ragnar could be dead and still loves him and wonders if being king killed him and thinks about ruling herself and how Ragnar might be watching him from the fall ella place. THese guys travel towards Spain to run into Muslims who worship Allah, a third religion and god set.

2020-05-20 - Wednesday - 03:40 AM - 04:26 AM - Vikings 417

His knife or not. A fight.

04:26 AM - 12:00 PM - Sleep.


Coffee. 2 bananas.

Foxi News

12:11 PM - Alex Jones Info Wars: First Hour - Wednesday May 20, 2020 | The Alex Jones Show 5/20/2020

Are there aliens? What are aliens? Did aliens create humans or did humans create aliens, I mean chimero hybrids? Are the Bill Gates vaccines changing our DNA to turn us into aliens, into different creatures, right now and not in the future but right now in 2020?

Synthetic nano tech.


When you get chills down your back, when you feel good, those endorphins, chemicals, and tech cartels are trying to remove that from your body.

Stealing Blood

For 45 years now, since 1975 or so, they would take blood samples from newborn babies and they would sent them off to places like the United Nations and they have been up to no good.

This is the alien takeover.

The vaccines are synthetic nano tech.

Security vs Freedom Debate

12:31 PM - Hive

But do you want freedom to take care of yourself or do you prefer to trust the government to keep you safe?

Moderna Vaccines

What is that?

Big Pharma is pushing the testing of the Moderna Vaccines

ALex Jones is calling up household names around America trying to tell them about all of this and how big this is. What is it? Well, the fall of humanity if we do not fight hard enough against the globalists who are taking us over via stealth and everything.

mRNA Vaccine

Are they adding some new regulations to make some businesses in America hire bathroom cleaners to fight covid? Do we want more fascism via elevated regulations?

Skeleton Girl Drawing

12:59 PM - Facebook

Akari Hoshino, It looks good and it describes that idiom of having skeletons in the closet or it describes being naked, I mean transparent, honest, vulnerable. It is symbolic. If she takes off her shirt all the way, I wonder if you will see a pumping heart. The ability to see the heart is symbolic. Bones can represent foundation, the pillars of your life, the main structure to your psychology, of your intellect. So, taking off the shirt reveals what is deep inside the soul of the woman for better and for worse. This drawing could be saying many different things about the girl. That is what makes it so symbolic. The girl might be you. But at the same time, the girl could be me too and I'm not even a girl.

Love Advice

2 people can come together and stay together if they have a common goal in life.

Same Path

It is critical that you find a man who is on the same path you are on in life. I am talking about some philosophy. Principles.

In Person

If you were in person, I would sit down and talk to you and try to get to know you.


01:30 PM - 03:48 PM - Carpet sweeping like yesterday. Walkways inside. Dishes. Organizing photo albums. Picnic table. A box. Moved it to the living room. It has empty folders. Moved yearbooks to the yellow bookshelf. Moved blank notebooks and paper to a top closet shelf. Coin work.


03:50 PM - I see one quarter made in 1950. Looking up coin information to see how much older quarters might be worth.

Facebook Work

Diamond & Silk

04:50 PM - Dr. Ben Carson stopped by to chat with Diamond and Silk

Segregation of hispanics, other minorities, and mostly of the black Americans, during the last half of the 1900's in particular, in America for example, came partly due to the fact that they couldn't afford to live anywhere else. So, some of them ended up living in apartments or certain ghettos or other areas as opposed to houses, homes, among other races, other people.

Being poor can be temporary, and you can find success when you understand that. Poverty has a lot to do with how you think. Responsibility should be placed primarily on the individual.

Build up your immunity.

Stefan Molyneux

05:19 PM - EMMA WATSON vs 11 YEAR OLD!

What is an activist?

Stefan went on to explain it to his 11 year old daughter. He was describing himself as a philosphy doer or philosophy actionist. But a philosophy activist simply begs the government to do it. In general, activist is a term to describe the people who are like lobbyists. They ask for grant money which comes from taxes. Esther.

Should children be SEEN online?

Should they be in photos, videos, etc? Depends and it should be a choice to do or not do and it is risky to do of course. Many things can be risky and some things can be more dangerous than other things. Ultimately, it depends on at least ten different critical factors that each individual could consider. Parents and children could come together to debate the variables or at least the parents should debate with themselves before they have children. If you do show your kids online at all, you become more vulnerable to many different problems. So, you must prepare for possible consequences which MIGHT come. But in some cases, it could be worth the risk or in some cases unavoidable. It depends on many different things. But you should decide and be aware of the MANY RISKS INVOLVED. And if you live in Canada, for example, it MIGHT BE EVEN RISKIER in some ways. And if you don't have body guards, security cameras, walls, fences, etc, to keep your kids safe, then watch out for human trafficking. Kids are KIDNAPPED. So, if you show your children, they might be kidnapped. And they may or may not be kidnapped regardless of whether you show them or not. But you increase the odds in most cases if you do show them to end up with missing children, etc, etc.

1998 Coloring Contest

06:19 PM - 1998 Hanks Easter Bunny Coloring Contest

1998-04-06 - Monday - Deadline for Hanks 1998 Easter Coloring Contest - Bunny in a Basket - 01.jpg

In the 1990's, during my Homeschooling Era, I would enter the Hanks Easter Coloring Contest. This particular bunny drawing is from 1998. The deadline was Monday, the 6th of April of 1998. So, kids would have a month or maybe longer to go to one of the two Hanks supermarkets, one in Cornelius and the other in Hillsboro, to grab this rabbit paper to color. I really wanted to win and I don't remember winning.

Annual Tradition

My younger sister would enter the contest too. This was one of the traditions we had in the 90's annually. We would collect a few to color and either submit the best one or perhaps all of them. The entries would get posted on the windows. The winners would be announced on Friday, the 10th of April of 1998 for example, that is at the end of the week.

General Shepherd

06:29 PM - The War Room With Owen Shroyer Wed 05/20/20 Full Show 720p

Getting Work Done

07:02 PM - Hive

Judy, hello there. Yeah. The joy of completing things is worth it. So, it can help if you can slice up a big project into pieces in order to get some satisfaction each step at a time. As easy as pie. Like eating a pie can be hard. So, you slice it up into smaller pieces and eat one slice at a time. That is how work can be done. Otherwise, you can feel pretty overwhelmed.

Building Forts

[07:30 PM - Building Forts](

1995 apx - Janet Bailey, Crystal, Joey, Backyard 01.png

1995 - Maybe or around that time in the backyard, me hanging from a branch, Crystal, Janet, and maybe Tiffany Cumbo as well on the ladder, possibly Bill & Rick in the tree as well.

1994 - Mom, Rick, Crystal, Joey 01.png

1994 - This was possibly the last professionally done family photos ever as of 2019, featuring mom, Rick in blue, I'm Joey in orange, and blond hair Crystal in white.

1995 apx - Rick School Pic 01.png

1995 - I think of Rick's school photo. If this was in the winter or spring of 1995, since Rick was born on the 5th of February of 1982. he would probably be in 6th grade in this photo. But I'm not exactly sure which year and which grade this was. But around this time.

1995 maybe - Katie and maybe Lisa 01.png

My older sister and maybe Lisa in maybe 1995 or maybe after that and most likely before 2000.

1998 maybe or before 2004 maybe - Katie and maybe Amy 01.jpg

Katie and maybe Amy around maybe 1998 or maybe before 2004.

In the 1990's, during my Homeschooling Days, as kids, we would try to build tree forts, sheds, houses, bike powered wagon taxis, flying skateboards, forts, club houses, nailed bowling pin robots, towers, obstacle courses, this and that out of wood, a front yard mud-resting Barbie House which I was making for Crystal, my younger sister. Also for Christmas one year, a game board thing as well which I made for her.

Chaotic Success

I'll let you guess which of those things were successes and which were epic failures. Most of those things were things I was working on and I kind of did some of those things and kind of failed in the sense that these things were never good enough and they didn't last for long.

Value in History

07:44 PM - Steemit

Kat, I am the family historian. I have some photos of my grandma who was around two years old around 1930. I like keeping track of history. I'm on Hive but I still share what I post on Steemit, Weku, and other blog websites as well. Are you on Hive? If you don't know, you can find Hive at

Some people think philanthropy means using billions of dollars to force people to do what they want people to do, good or bad, to steal freewill from people. By the way, freewill is a fabric of the very meaning to life itself and the theft of freewill is therefore akin to the theft of life itself.

Answers in Genesis

07:57 PM - It's Time to Open -- Answers in Genesis is reopening the Ark Encounter and Creation Museum!

Scanning Photos

Joe Rogan

09:38 PM - Joe Rogan Experience #1477 - Tony Hawk

Skate Park Prohibition assisted in the rise of the underground street skating black market which continued rising in the 1990's or more so in the early 2000's with the help and encouragement of the Internet to make some of the videos go viral. The first Tony Hawk video games might have been as early as 1999. So, things started to explode and accelerate around that time. Tony Hawk was skating at the age of 17, possibly pro in the early 1980's. Well, he was getting paid some money for skating while still in high school.

Marriage requires Perseverance. Some women might say that some men or boys are not their type. Please tell me what your type is.

General Shepherd

11:26 PM - AMERICAN COUNTDOWN (Full Show) Wednesday - 5/20/20



Random Notes

Elizabeth Flynn

Dolly Castro


07:00 PM - Rice soup thing. One of my favorites.


17 pics

You are a Chocolate Strawberry with delicious lips. Amazing lucious hair. You have a delicious body. A conversation goes back and forth and it should go back and forth. I can tell you that I was born in 1985. I can tell you what I did in Idaho. I can tell you about Mea Omnia. I can tell you Ironic Mystic. You could even Google these terms because I am all over the Internet. You can look at what I did in 2009 on iJustine. I saw a bear around 1997 in Oregon in a forest. That was interesting. But I was not aware of it and my dad talked about it. We were back at where he was from. He grew up in those places. He was adopted and he did not know that until he was like in high school. I am writing all of this and then I copy and paste what I am writing to you to my blog on Hive as this is good stuff that I am writing. I remember playing a lot of Sim City in the 1990's for example. And then I was playing a lot of Starcraft. I am writing about myself right now. I like to eat oatmeal.

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