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[Infographic News for Kids 9/18/19]( | [Teeth Health 001]( | [Gremlins 2: The New Batch - re:View]( | [Dennis Tarpein]( | [Oatmeal Joey Arnold Memes Thread]( | [Laurajean Edquid Amog]( | Downtown Shelton Night # Teeth Health 001 [04:53 PM - Steemit]( Here are some natural remedies in this article concerning teeth health. This post serves as a quick rough draft outline. I've included a few links to some of the articles that I've written. I've also included hyperlinks to other articles written by other people as well. I'll be writing more about Teeth Health in the future. Correction is all about fixing problems after they happen. Prevention is about stopping problems before they happen. In life, we have to focus on correction and prevention. It is important to emphasize on prevention as much as possible. That is common sense. # Common Sense There are two main things you can do to take care of your teeth. First, you can clean your teeth on the outside. Second, you can clean your teeth from inside-out. You should focus on prevention and on cleaning from the inside-out. On the outside, we brush, floss, rinse, etc. [Brush your teeth with Super Blue (click here to see more).]( On the inside, we put in good healthy foods that helps because some of the tooth cavities and tooth decay and gum diseases and other problems occur from inside the tooth, the teeth. Apple cider vinegar can help. Garlic can help. Strawberries can help. Cranberries can help. You can rinse with salt water. Try to swallow too much salt. There are different kinds of salt. Some kinds of salt is better for you. So, your body needs some salt. But not too much salt on the inside of your body. On the outside, you can gargle with some salt water and spit it out. I will try to write more articles in the future to talk more about natural remedies. This is just a quick outlined rough draft. Thanks for reading. # [Click Here To See More]( ___
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___ # Watching I was watching # Logan's Run [11:20 PM - 01:15 AM - Logan's Run (1967) - Michael York - 2274 AD]( - Logan's Run, Michael York, Jenny Agutter, Farrah Fawcett, Peter Ustinov, Dystopia, Future, Science Fiction # Lionel Nation [10:20 AM - Cory Lewandowski and Tom Homan Have Revamped Congressional Testimony]( # Alex Jones Show [12:25 PM - Bitchute]( ALEX JONES (1st HOUR) Wednesday 9/18/19: Tom Pappert, News & Analysis Then the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th hour. War Room Fire Power Info Graphics For Kids Millie Weaver Geeks & Gamers ___ # Social Networks [Facebook - Armless Slaves]( [Twitter - Increased Regulations]( [YouTube - Smart Phones - Smart Gremlins]( [XXX Frogs]( # Dream 10:04 AM We went to church the one day. Then the next time, we slept in. I was like at their house. Have not seen Bill Bailey, Janet, and their mom, since I was like a kid or maybe more than ten years. So, I remember dressing up and going to a church. Not really dressing up in dress clothes but in nice clothes. I might have had a camcorder or something. I might have had at least one other dream but can't think of them right now. I remember seeing them and we didn't talk about our lives with each other. We were not catching up. So, I was feeling empty and was wondering why we were not talking about our lives. We were sleeping in and watching TV. # Star Wars: Rise of Skywalker [10:13 AM - YouTube]( But can they bring back Anakin from the dead? Mace could extend their lives. Humans on our planets can live 200 years or longer but most of us are too unhealthy. Bring back Luke to kill Palpatine. # Lionel Nation [10:20 AM - Cory Lewandowski and Tom Homan Have Revamped Congressional Testimony]( # # Star Wars Theory [10:48 AM - How George Lucas Wanted Yoda and Obi-Wan to Help Fight Palpatine - Star Wars Explained]( I prefer the version we got. But it does appear that Episode 9 will attempt to have something like Palpatine in his lava throne room as seen in this rough draft of episode 6. I want Luke Skywalker to come back in Rise of Skywalker and fight Palpatine. If not, bring in Ahsoka, Mace Windu, or Lando. # Critical Mischief With Griff [10:54 AM - infowarrior of the month of september]( Animals are dying. Better yet, humans are too, more importantly. End the video with a scream. # Red Letter Media [10:57 - Gremlins 2: The New Batch - re:View]( | [Wikipedia]( | The original Gremlins came out in 1984. The sequel came out in 1990. There was a character that was combination of Donald Trump and Ted Turner. [A female tour guide mentioned in quotation marks that their building was "smart" and this was back before we had smart phones, smart cities, smart people, smart cars, smart grids, smart appliances, smart Facebook, etc, I'm assuming. She talked about how the smart building heps fight global warming, climate change, things like that.]( ___ # Gun Debate [02:48 PM - Tuesday - Facebook]( >Did you see the slaves in New Zealand? Jorge Peralta >White slaves? My reply >Armless slaves. ___ # Car Debate [11:15 AM - Twitter]( # [Donald J. Trump]( >....far safer and much less expensive. Many more cars will be produced under the new and uniform standard, meaning significantly more JOBS, JOBS, JOBS! Automakers should seize this opportunity because without this alternative to California, you will be out of business. # [My reply]( >[Does that mean increased regulations?]( ___ # Ivanka Trump [11:25 AM - Twitter]( >It secured the largest ever increase (from $2.9 to $5.3 billion) in the Child Care and Development Block Grant program as a major new investment in child care affordability. # My reply >[Is Ivanka trying to make government bigger?]( ___ # Infowarrior of the Month [11:35 AM - IWA]( Animals are dying, and more importantly, child trafficking in America when children go missing many times. Trump was on Twitter talking about California and Cars. # 1895 8th Grade Exam [11:44 AM - IWA]( People should know things in order to teach them things to their children, to pass it on. I understand the prefixes part of the exam. The cause for the Revolutionary War is rooted around what Alex Jones says, that if you try to take our fire arms, then 1776 will commence again. So, it was not just about tea tax. It was about King George Tyranny. Americans left the British Empire. But then, they cried, "The British is coming, the British is coming." The result was independence of the 13 colonies that were united as states unlike the European Union. Knowing the nations of Europe is valuable if you want to travel or trade with them. Globalists have been trying to make us dumber and dumber and that is why you find it hard to believe because you are dumber than some of the people that came before you. ___ # Concrete Blonde VEVO [Concrete Blonde - Joey (Official Video)]( [11:48 AM]( >My new favorite song. My name is Joey. [11:59 AM]( >Oh, that Joey Song. Wow. Very moving. She said she didn't want to be with me any more. Then she said she can give a little more. Wow, sounds like a Christmas Song. Gotta give more for Christmas. Actually, everyday can be Christmas in the Big Apple of Life. The whole world is a stage said Aladdin Shakespeare, gotta show you a whole new world, taste the rainbow, eat the apple, eat my apple if you know what I mean, Adam, just do it, said Palpatine, do it, because it's a trap, good to the last drop, have it your way or hit the road Jack Dorsey and don't you come back no more in this The Never Ending Story. You found my secret video of me at a strip bar in Vietnam. Deep in the belly of the beast, Austin, Texas, baby. ___ # Infocomms Purpose [12:05 PM - IWA]( # [Zor]( >I wonder how long Infocomms will be around? Does anyone care? # My reply >Is this website helping more people get involved in offline activism, etc? ___ # Hearing Voices [12:21 PM - IWA]( Everybody hears voices. Generally, you are asleep when you do. Generally, you forget about it by the time you wake up. When you go into sleep mode, you begin to switch to memory review. So, your brain switches input from your ears to your brain. So, the same thing with your eyes and other senses, depending on how deep the sleep is for you. So, it can feel like you are hearing things. # Sometimes, especially if you are sleep deprived, then parts of your body may be turned off to an extent, which may include your ears. That means, you might start dreaming while you are awake. So, in those situations, it may appear as if you are hearing voices when you are in fact probably just dreaming, day dreaming, or whatever. We know this happens when people are in a desert for example. I'm only suggesting one possibility for hearing voices. It could also be technology related. It could be aliens. It could be other people, assuming [telpathy]( is possible. It could be that a person is going crazy, etc. So, it could be globalists, etc. It could be different combinations of these things, etc. It could be God. It could be Satan. It could be demon possession. It could be your sub conscience, your super ego, the suppressed memories and feelings from deep inside your soul that is trying to get out, etc. ___ # Alex Jones Show [12:25 PM - Bitchute]( ALEX JONES (1st HOUR) Wednesday 9/18/19: Tom Pappert, News & Analysis ___ # TLL English [12:34 PM - IWA]( That is me talking impromptu in 2014 in Saigon. They found me on Facebook. They came and met me at Mr. Ribs BBQ and talked me into making these videos. So, I went over to their place to make these videos. They would give me the topics. We would talk about it for a few minutes and then they pointed a camera in my face. So, then I opened up my mouth and said a bunch of random words with no rehearsal time. I think I needed more prep time. Everything happened so fast and I was also busy with other things at the same time. TLL International was trying to use my popularity in order to promote their brand on YouTube. In other words, it was like they were using me. Well, maybe they were not using me. I don't really know one way or another. But I got paid several dollars for making these videos. So, I was happy with that at least. I'm embarrassed with most of my videos, articles, pictures, memes, etc. I'm always not happy with my stuff online because I'm a perfectionist, etc. In Vietnam, I might have been popular to some extent, some might argue, subjectively speaking. I doubt that I'm more popular than Griff, etc. ___ # Infocomms Future [12:42 PM - IWA]( # Joey Arnold >@Pippydop, can people not Google Infocomms to find the activism? >@Pippydop, should Infocomms become only a publisher that only promotes certain threads, contents, posts, comments, as in their favorites, the staff picks, up on top, pinned to the top, or should it be only the wild wild west like Bitchute, Steemit, Gab, Minds, etc? # Zor >In answer to your question to memeart. I don’t think people should be allowed to see your posts unless you become a member. And maybe some threads require an encryption that only allows certain members have access to the thread or make it public if you wish. Like for example, privacy password. The one who created it can invite people to join. Unless you want an open source thread. # Joey Arnold >We already have that, it is called the Lounge and also private messages. >Your suggestion is to mirror Facebook. ___ # Chem Trails [12:44 PM - IWA]( | [Natural News]( >I started seeing geoengineering in the 1990's in Oregon. ___ # Mirror [12:48 PM - IWA]( | [to Patriot Polly]( >Did you know that blockchain mirrors from the root to different websites, applications, etc? That is one way or one element in doing it. Elements of torrent is Bitcoin related. ___ # Tariffs [12:58 PM - IWA]( Are there any rare earth minerals in Africa or even, get this, the Americas? Are there any substitutions for the rare earth minerals, the mercury, for whatever computers, phones, cars, electronics, machines, etc, are made out of? Is it true that things like Mercury can hurt us? Yes, Greenland, we should find a way to turn that into the 51st state. ___ # Oatmeal Joey Love Shack [01:05 PM - Jean Wilson - YouTube]( # # Joey Arnold >Who are the girls in the Joey Shack Video? # [Pippydop]( >[Katherine Hepburn and Lauren Bacall.]( [Lauren Bacall]( | [Katharine Hepborn]( # Joey Arnold >Katharine Hepburn had a brother that was found hanged. Maybe a suicide. That makes me wonder. Katharine lived from 1907-2003, that is 96 years. I started making videos in 96. Some people hanged themselves in a house next door to me. # [paulmbannerman]( >[PMB_2010-09-16 11-03-32_IMG_6673]( # [ROT]( >[I like @joey and all, but you people are obsessed with him apparently. Reminds me of socialists obsessing of systematic oppression.]( # Joey Arnold >[@ROT, what, you don’t worship Jesus Joey?]( ___ # Oatmeal English [03:35 PM - Facebook]( Learn English With Your Brain ! Ha ha ha. # Downtown Shelton 05:00 PM - 09:30 PM - Bread. Walmart. Secret Room. Brue LEE. Brandon ROY. My KNEE. UHHHH. MY. UHHHH. Walking. Umbrella. Videos. Pause button. Remote. Alex Jones. Work. Salvation. Security. Fellowship. America. Voting. Giving up. Safeway. Rain. Wet. Heater. Joey Arnold. Three people the last ten minutes. Sidewalk. School. Bathroom debate. Man. Woman. Identify. Logan's Run. Subjectivity. Persona. Brand. Audience. Finding jobs. Offline activism reference. Blueberry drink. Thanks. History debate because of the 1895 8th grade final exam reference. ICE. Immigration. Debates. # Good Guiltless Murder? [09:40 PM - Bingozee said it. Don't shoot the messenger.]( # Google Murder [09:41 PM - I was until Google murdered at least three of my YouTube channels, thousands of videos, etc.]( # Finding Infowars [09:44 PM - @Washington_DC, when you do that, do you see any fake news in the search results that way?]( # Freethinkers [10:02 PM - [IWA]( | [Where is my article on your website? Where is my rainbow connection?]( I met Pastor Sam at McDonald's. This means I'm connected. # Storming Area 51 [10:15 PM - IWA]( If enough people got together and were smart enough to pull it off, assuming it is for the greater good, and if enough people can record and broadcast it live on the Internet, etc, and if it can expose globalists, the swamp, etc, then it can then be compared with Brexit, Hong Kong, Brazil, 1776, the Civil War, revolution, etc. # Info Graphic News For Kids [10:23 PM - IWA]( | [YouTube]( # Fake Lawsuit [10:33 PM - IWA]( @therecfem, Notice the bad grammar in the message. The writer wrote weather instead of whether. The writer was missing a few transitional words in some of the sentences. It is possible that a Nigerian wrote it. @Rob_Roy pointed out another error. @greatgonzochops referenced another possible mistake. I am a fool. I would open it because most viruses are designed for Microsoft Windows. I'm not using Windows. I can handle a lot. If you sent it to me, I would open it for you to let you know if it was a virus or not. It is like playing with fire. It can be dangerous and it could destroy your computer, perhaps. But it depends on a few things. # Alex Jones Book [10:39 PM - IWA]( Alex Jones should go on paid leave for at least one month in April of 2021 and spend that time writing book outlines and rough drafts. On the side, he could film some scenes for commercials and especially documentaries. Owen Shroyer could take over as a guest host during that month. Alex could then expand his vacation or not. He could feel it out and see how it goes, one day at a time. He can always come back at any time, well unless if Infowars went bankrupt. But even if it did, it would still eventually resurrect again someday. # Roseanne [10:45 PM - IWA]( Alex Jones knows Lionel Nation and Laura Loomer who have been in videos with [Roseanne Barr.]( Alex has talked about trying to get Roseanne, Kanye West, etc, on. If anything, I want to see Soph talk to Roseanne. Soph should get a show as well. # Geeks & Gamers [10:47 PM - Car Video With No Car?]( #
# Info Kids [10:49 PM - IWA]( School House Rock. Meme World - Education Edition. # Logan's Run [11:16 PM - Did you send me a link to Logan's Run to say that capitalism is bad or what was I supposed to get from that movie? I watched last night and this morning.]( # Joey Thread [11:28 PM - IWA]( People make memes about me. I am not too sure specifically if some of these are mocking me or if they are just for fun or what. I guess it depends. # Miranda [11:35 PM - Steemit]( Howdy Miranda. Oh, sarcasm huh, yeah? Oh yeah. I write for like therapy. Oh, cute dogs. Good work. Love Texas. # Lack of Color [11:43 PM - Steemit]( The irony, Dimple Dymph, curiosity killed cats but it didn't even get the best of you as details has driven your eye for fashion, as seen in the sparkle in your eyes. My grandpa was from the Netherlands. # New Steemian of the Month You got it, you are a star already on Steemit. Oh, I might like oatmeal more than some of my siblings. # Inkbot 2 [11:56 PM - Steemit]( I see different things depending on how I look at it. So, am I supposed to only see one thing? Sometimes, I see demons, etc. I see a frowning/smiling dog. I see a ballerina facing backwards while holding blankets. I see a lion creature with arms and hands out and together. I see a hot air balloon. I see hopping one legged hands like from a Micky Mouse cartoon where brooms were flying around and Mickey was a witch washing dishes using magic.
# Lionel Nation [10:20 AM - Cory Lewandowski and Tom Homan Have Revamped Congressional Testimony]( # [The Oatmeal English School - English You Can Eat]( # CBS News [10:35 AM - Corey Lewandowski testifies at impeachment hearing before congress, live stream]( # # Star Wars Theory [10:48 AM - How George Lucas Wanted Yoda and Obi-Wan to Help Fight Palpatine - Star Wars Explained]( # # Critical Mischief With Griff [10:54 AM - infowarrior of the month of september]( # # Red Letter Media [10:57 - Gremlins 2: The New Batch - re:View]( # # Concrete Blonde VEVO [Concrete Blonde - Joey (Official Video)]( # # Oatmeal Joey Love Shack [01:05 PM - Jean Wilson - YouTube]( # # Millie Weaver [10:18 PM - EXCLUSIVE - Criminal Democrat Donors Exposed]( # # Info Graphic News For Kids [10:21 PM - Infographic News for Kids 9/18/19]( # ___ # Timeline [2019-09-17 - Tuesday]( [2019-09-18 - Wednesday]( [2019-09-19 - Thursday](
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